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Butternut, Green Beans, Hammerbacher, upcoming Event

Posted 9/13/2016 5:42pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA Week 14; Pick Up Wed 9/14, 1-6 OR Sat 9/17, 9-2.

On the Table in Farm Shop…

Butternut! For all your winter squash – use as a centerpiece display until ready to eat; they keep for weeks (if not months).  Green Beans!  Really nice and tender.  Usually a pick-your-own crop; we have done the work for you.  Lack of rain is holding the plants back and they are not rooted well. As soon as we have an abundance for PYO, we will open the fields.  Mix and Match Greens – Kale or Swiss chard.  Farm tips:  Kale – tender enough for a salad.  Add to soup/stews.  Rainbow chard, a CSA special, not likely at the grocery store.  I love it!  Sauté stems first in olive oil, then add greens, season with salt/pepper.  Serve as a side or add to a main dish.  New Arugula – much more tender AND mild than previous crop – the cooler weather really makes all the difference.  Peppers – soooo many!  Freeze for later use.  Tomatoes (a few plums and maybe heirlooms – last week).  Eggplant too.  Pantry staples – Garlic, Potatoes, Onions, and Leeks.  Sneak Peak – with rain in the forecast (oh please!), lettuce should be available next week; beets and carrots looking promising; and digging sweet potatoes.


  • Flowers – the zinnias are amazing!  15 stems, plus sunflowers.  Strip the leaves as you pick, they will last longer.  Add a few stems of basil for green (and smells nice!), and you will be the envy of your non CSA friends! 
  • Herbs – plenty of basil and others.  Now is the time to dry/freeze and put up for the winter months.  Extend your CSA value. 

Extras for Sale…

  • Hammerbacher – assorted fresh baked breads; peach pie, muffins; hand pies and more. Pickles in fridge too. 
  • Cheeses (feta, cheddar, ricotta and mozzarella); Eggs; Chicken Sausages.
  • Apples? Still waiting on Mother Nature.  I talked with our apple farmer and he is at least 2 weeks behind due to weather issues this year.  In a normal year, we would have brought in peaches for weeks followed by apples now.  This year is one for the record books.  We farm on!
Upcoming Event...
Music Lovers and Science Supporters unite! Folk Across the Street is excited to announce that Circa Blue will be performing at the Stockton University Campus Center Theater, October 7th, 2016 in support of the Stacy Moore Hagan Memorial Undergraduate Estuarine Science Internship ProgramTickets and additional information can be found online at: www.circablueatstockton.eventbrite.com
See you on the Farm.