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CSA 8. Watermelon, Corn, Peaches and more!

Posted 8/1/2017 5:57pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

Week 8. Pickup Wed 8/2, 1-6PM, OR Sat 8/5, 9AM-2PM.

Summer fest!  All of the best summer has to offer in the Garden State!


ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP… Yellow Watermelon (wow your friends and family with this CSA special), Tomatoes (red/orange beef stakes), Onions (red/yellow), Potatoes (red/gold fingerlings – I really love this new variety!), Garlic, Cucumbers, Zucchini (green/yellow), Eggplant (classic/Sicilian), Peppers – green/lime bells, Sweet reds, and Hots (jalapeno/ancho), Carrots, Beets, Cabbage (cone/rounds).  Maybe Kale.  Ask about Garlic scapes and Kohlrabi (red/green) – we still have a few.  Mix and Match options. 



  • TOMATOES. 3 TYPES: Orange Sungolds; Deep red/green stripes (AKA chocolate sprinkles – I don’t know why!); AND classic Red Cherry type – linger through all rows for a sampling or choose your favorite.  Rows will be marked by variety – walkway mid field may denote another variety.
  • Herbs AND Flowers – fields drying out from 5 inches of rain last week (yikes!).  1 big bunch of each – your choice. 
  • BEANS – green/yellow. 


  • HAMMERBACHER. Fresh, handcrafted – Breads/Baked goods.  This husband and wife team give it everything they’ve got every week.  Thanks Paul and Lauren for providing our CSA with much love!  Check fridge for our farm pickles (bread/butters).
  • PEACHES AND CORN!  Pastore Orchards, Hammonton.  Our farm friends grow the best Jersey Fresh sweet corn and peaches in town!
  • Cheeses, farm fresh; Pasta – homemade (in small chest freezer), Chicken Sausages (in standup freezer); Eggs – thanks farmer Melanie!
Shout out to Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City – thanks for visiting our farm!  Great job harvesting carrots and potatoes. Best wishes.
See you on the farm.