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CSA week 18 Crops. Dinner Tickets. CSA News and 2018 Signups

Posted 10/10/2017 6:55pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA Week 18. Pickup Wed 10/11, 1-6PM, and Sat 10/14, 9AM-2PM. Next week is our last week! Mother Nature has spoken.  

ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP… Greens – Spinach, Lettuce, Kale, Swiss chard. Cauliflower (white and cheddar types), Broccoli, Cabbage (red/green). Roots – Potatoes (russet baking type), Beets, Sweet potatoes, Turnips. Cooking basics – Onion, Garlic, and Fennel. Winter squash (Butternut, Carnival). AND Eggplant and Peppers still holding onto summer.


PICK YOUR OWN… Flowers (and a few herbs).

EXTRAS FOR SALE… Hammerbacher week off – bakery closed – Paul and Lauren will return for Week 19, our last CSA pickup. 

  • Potpies – chicken and beef – get um while you can;
  • Chicken sausage – Granny smith apple - pairs nicely with fall;
  • Cheeses – Mozzarella string cheese (red pepper AND nigella seed), aged Gouda and Feta;
  • Apples – Cortland, Crispin, Winesap and Golden delicious;
  • Pumpkins - most average $2-6/pumpkin. Some larger.
  • Local Pottery.


Celebrate the end of season with us! And support Stockton University Foundation scholarships in Natural Sciences and Mathematics. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Stacy Moore Hagan Memorial Scholarship fund. Eats by Hammerbacher – wood fired culinary art – menu featuring our Jersey Fresh produce, farm raised pig (Cycle Farms – fed a loving diet of our veggie scraps all season!) and local seafood.


Where? When? B&B Farms, Nov 5th 4-7 PM ish. What’s included? Cost? $55/person. 

  • New venue, on the farm – things were tight last year in the CSA barn so we are moving to a bigger barn to accommodate our growing CSA farmily!  We are excited to transform this space. Rain or shine, we will be covered, warm and well fed.
  • Appetizers.
  • Refreshments, and local wine/beer tastings. Details forthcoming.
  • Dinner, served family style at your tables – not a buffet as previous years as we aim to provide another level of quality customer service. 
  • Desserts. Local coffee.
  • Concert by Ladybirds; presented by Folk Across the Street – supporting science through music.
  • 2017 Farm Slideshow, running throughout the night – if you have pictures to share, I would love to include them! Text or email me, 609-338-8690.
  • Farm walks, self-guided, and equipment on display.  Behind the scenes on the farm!
Purchase Dinner Tickets – limited seating, 2 tickets per CSA member to ensure all members have a seat at the table.  Tickets open to public within 2 weeks for additional family/friends if available. 


New for 2018... we are offering customized Farm Shares – more choices! We are using software called Harvie to better serve the needs of our customers, reduce food waste, increase your satisfaction, and help you find ways to prepare the vegetables we grow for you.  


How Does It Work?  

  • Choose a Farm Share. Select your size and make a payment to secure your place in our CSA.
  • Set Your Preferences. Choose from a list of crops we grow and select your preferences (by rating each crop 1-5); they can be edited if your preferences change.
  • Adjust Your Farm Share. During the season, 24-48 hours before each week’s pickup, the farm will provide an estimate of what’s coming out of the field that week. Based on your crop preferences, Harvie will send you an email telling you what will be in your Farm share, AND provide custom recipes for the week. At this point, you can make adjustments to your farm share before you pick up.
  • Pickup. Bring your bag and your pick up list (print out OR on your phone); fill up from around the tables in Shop – you tell us what is in your share. Extras for sale too – produce, eggs, bread, and so on. 
  • Rate Your Share.  Give us a rating weekly so we can get your feedback quickly to improve quality.  
Payment Plans. 2 options: 5% DISCOUNT Oct-Dec 31st.  
  • Payment in full. Always amazing, and we are extremely grateful for it if you can manage it.
  • Payment plan. 4 equal payments. 25% down at sign up to secure Farm Share; then Feb 1st, Mar 1st and final May 1st.

How Do We Invest Your CSA Share?  From Oct-Dec… your investment goes towards expenses for this season – loan payments on tractors and annual operating expenses, insurance and repairs/improvements, etc. – renewals and new memberships are critical this time of year.  From Jan-May… it goes towards the upcoming farm season for seeds, staff, etc.  Your CSA Share investment is one that you will eat up and gain in health interest!


Farm Share Plans. 4 options:        

  • Mini $285personal size - splitting a share now? consider your own mini; contains about 4-5 items, and PYO when available.
  • Medium/the Basic $480for a veggie loving couple/small family; contains about 8 items, and PYO when available.
  • Large/the Harvester $580family size; contains about 10 items, and PYO when available.
  • Summer $325 – love the farm but have difficulty picking up/using your share with back to school activities? The Summer share is for u – end of June through Labor day.  Medium size for a veggie loving couple/small family; contains about 8 items, and PYO when available.
ALL plans include Pick-Your-Own (PYO) from our fields - cherry tomatoes, green beans, flowers, herbs, etc - AND we offer extras for sale in Farm Shop if you want more.
2018 SIGN UPS COMING SOON! (we are configuring the new software, should be a few days).