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Fall Bounty! New crops, PYO Beans, Hammerbacher and more.

Posted 9/20/2016 3:40pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA Week 15: pick up Wd 9/21, 1-6, OR Sat 9/24, 9-2.

On the Table in Farm Shop…

Beets – the big, the beautiful fall beet!  Winter squash – introducing “Delicata” (green striped, thin skinned and sweet) – see farm tips below.   Also Butternut and Spaghetti options.  Lettuce – gorgeous, tender – tis the season for salads again.  Add Radish too!  Kale – Toscana variety, also known as dinosaur kale.  Sweet Potatoes – lots of recipes out there for kale and sweets; share your CSA creations with us!  Pantry staples – Leeks, Onions and Garlic.  Mix and Match options – Peppers, Potatoes (red, white, blues), Swiss chard.

Farm Tips

  • Winter Squash – cut in half, remove seeds, roast at 425 until fork tender; either cut side down in half inch water, OR face up w/ butter, maple syrup, salt, pepper.  Season with fresh herbs post baking.  Try twice baking – saute leftover veggies, meat if you like or a bread filling, maybe some cheese; stuff baked squash and return to oven to heat through. 
  • Beets – easy! If you can make hard boiled eggs, you can make beets.  Boil whole (remove greens first and use for something else), when fork tender, about 30-40 min, drain/run under cold water, rub skins off.  Keep in fridge for whenever – I love them sliced on salads, or paired with green beans and crumbled cheese. 


  • Green Beans – have at it – it rained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lots of green beans out there.  Extras for sale – bring a friend and show off “your” farm!  We have 2 patches – only 1 open this week – pick the beans in center of field; the patch nearest herbs is not open yet.
  • Flowers and Herbs – plenty of zinnias, sunflowers and herbs.  Big bunches!

Extras for Sale…

  • Hammerbacher – breads and baked goods. 
  • Cheeses, Eggs and Chicken Sausages.
  • Produce – see Shop for details. Bring a friend!

See you on the Farm.

P.S. Thank you for all the rain dances and whatever prayers you said for the Farm. We really were sweating it out - literally!  Cheers to fall.