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Thanksgiving Pick up; coffee/cookies too!

Posted 11/21/2016 4:00pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

Thanksgiving shares @ B&B Farms (orders only, no extras for sale).  

WHEN?  Pick up orders Tues 11/22, 1-5 pm.  If you are unable to pick up during this time, please send a friend to do so, we cannot hold orders for another day or time. 



  • CSA veggies (prepacked box): Brussel sprouts (1lb), Winter squash (2 butternut, 1 delicata); Cauliflower (1-2 heads, depends on weight), Broccoli (1.25 lbs.), Leeks (1 bu), Garlic (2 heads), Carrots (1 bu equivalent), Potatoes (4 lbs. reds/whites), Cabbage (red, 2 small heads), Spinach (1lb), Kale (1 bu equivalent), Fennel (1-2 heads, depends on weight), Cranberries (1 pint).  Extras for sale?  No; all crops have been distributed equally among all orders. 
  • Hammerbacher pies.
  • Turkeys (Cycle Farms), and 
  • Griggstown Farms orders.

Complimentary coffee and cookies – warm up with a hot cup and a snack.  Meet and greet our new farm dog, Iggy!  

See you on the farm.