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Posted 10/16/2013 9:03am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 19: the harvest, apples (and a few pears), lobster (last seafood share!).  Also, check out our new website as we are partnering with B&B Farms to have all of our operations in one location.  New photos up, take a look at the CSA gallery.  Renewals - open to current members.  Please read our newsletter - click here - our decision to drop our organic certification (still growing using organic tactics AND new strategies).  Lots going on this week; we look forward to seeing you in Farm Shop, talking about our season in review and answering questions about next season.
On the table in Farm Shop - lots of mix and match options for you!  Introducing a new winter squash - acorn (butternut and delicata too); new leeks and potatoes back on the table; other fall roots - beets, carrots, turnips, rutabaga; nice heads of broccoli and cauliflower; also cabbage (red and green), peppers (sweet reds and orange bells), fennel, radish, onions and garlic.  For the greens - spinach, lettuce, arugula and kale.  Grab a handful of herbs from the pick-your-own fields - thyme and oregano.  Extra produce for sale, see Farm Shop for details.  Stock up for the winter, only 1 more Farm Shop after this, week 20 will be our last Farm Shop.

- Beans, Flowers and Herbs. 

Seafood - last one for the season - Lobster!  We will have a few extras for sale, first come first serve. 

Apples!  Just in from our farm friends at Nichols Orchard in Franklinville - Winesap and honey crisp type.  We have a few pears too from a local Bordentown farmer.  Jersey Fresh!  Makes a healthy snack on their own, or get creative with your recipes.  Hard to resist a pie or hearty savory fall meal made with apples.  Baked apples in anything make the whole house smell amazing!
Renewals: we are now taking memberships for 2014 via website sign up.  Cost $525.  Pay in Full discount, 5%, $498.75.  Discount expires on 11/15.  Otherwise payment in 3 installments of $175 each: 1ST due at sign up, 2ND Feb 1, 3RD/final due May 1.  

Chicken sausages and cheese - sausage in the freezer, stock up for the winter months.  Not much cheese left, first come first serve.    

See you on the Farm! 
Posted 10/9/2013 8:58am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Week 18 Harvest:

On the table in Farm Shop -  new crops, choices and extras for sale for stocking up the winter pantry...

Winter squash - butternut, along with buttercup and delicata.  Also new - fall beets!  Nice sized, earthy and sweet.  Other root crops include rutabaga, carrots and turnips.  Leave the skins on for a more rustic taste.  Cauliflower, one of my favorites.  Try roasting with olive oil, salt/pepper and fresh herbs.  Plenty of thyme in the field which pairs great with so many fall dishes.  How about fennel and what do you do with it?  Slice the bulb, sauté and add some to any dish for a hint of sweet licorice.  We have plenty of broccoli - it freezes great.  Think of the holidays and having farm fresh produce on hand in the freezer for casseroles.  My husband Ryan just put some broccoli up this weekend.  Chop, quick blanch in boiling water, rinse in cold water, bag and freeze - easy!  Peppers are still out there - chop, bag and freeze, that is it!  The colored peppers are really sweet and I have to have them in the freezer.  The fall bounty is plentiful and most crops store well in the fridge (like cabbage and roots) or pantry for later use (squash, garlic and onions).  And for greens, we have a nice assortment for you to choose from - arugula, lettuce, spinach and kale.  We have radishes for your salads too.   

-  Beans - 1 quart.  Still out there and holding well.  Extras for sale too.  
-  Flowers and Herbs - take what you like.  The zinnia leaves are not bright green anymore, but the flowers are very nice.  Just strip the leaves off in the field and fill your containers with the stems - we don't mind as it adds organic matter back to the soil and you get more flowers this way!

Cheese and Chicken Sausages - only a few more weeks remain.  Stock up the freezer with Griggstown products.  For the cheese, we have Fulper Farms ricotta and mozzarella (ball) and Klein Farms Gouda, cheddar and horseradish cheddar. 

Renewal Memberships and New Members for 2014: We will begin sign ups for next season this week, details to follow in our newsletter and website.  Current members will have a few weeks to sign up before we open up memberships to new members on our waiting list.  We are expanding our program and plan to accommodate 150 families.  Have friends and family interested in our CSA for next season?  Show off your farm!  While visiting our farm, they are welcome to purchase extras, walk the fields and staff are happy to talk shop.  As always, thanks for your support and we will see you on the farm.   
Posted 10/2/2013 6:55am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Week 17 Harvest

We have lots of great fall food for you this week.  Mix and Match options for you to choose to help you plan meals for the week.  Enough to put some up for the upcoming months.  Our broccoli is gorgeous!  Consider purchasing extras for the freezer and extend the value of the farm beyond the season.  Our cabbage is crazy big!  If you take a head, it will keep well in the fridge for later use.  Beans are back!  Enjoy walking the fields - picking and eating off the vine.

On the table this week...
Broccoli, cabbage (green and red), carrots, winter squash (choose buttercup, spaghetti, delicata), peppers (red, orange and greens), onions, garlic, potatoes, turnips, lettuce, spinach, kale.  

Pick-Your-Own - Green Beans!  Flowers and Herbs too. 

Seafood of the week - Fresh Tuna!  Few extras for sale. 

Extras for sale - produce, cheese, and chicken sausages.   

We hope you are enjoying your CSA experience, only a few more weeks remain.  Next week we will begin taking renewal memberships for next season.  Details to come next week.  As always, thanks for your support.  See you on the Farm! 
Posted 9/25/2013 7:11am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Week 16 Harvest - Welcome Fall!
Extra sales available, see shop for details.  Bring your friends and family, great time of year to be on the farm.  Know of someone interested in a share for next season?  Invite them to come along and check us out.  Walk the fields and pick flowers (for fresh use or drying), or observe the changes of the season and wildlife.

New crops on the table in Farm Shop...Broccoli (love a cheesy broccoli casserole) and Cabbage (big, green and great for stuffing).  We will introduce you to another winter squash, Delicata (aka sweet potato squash)! New greens - Bok choy; try a simple bok choy stir fry with peanut sauce, serve over rice.  Also on the table: carrots, lettuce, spinach, kale, sweet peppers (green, orange and reds), winter squash (spaghetti and buttercup), eggplant, onions, garlic.  Lots of mix and match choices for you.  We may have potatoes, not sure until later in the day.  Definitely by next week though. 

For the Delicata, cut in half and scoop out the seeds.  Top with brown sugar, butter, salt/pepper to taste. In a baking dish, add a little water, about 1/4 inch, to prevent from burning and to keep squash moist.  Roast squash face up, 400 degrees, 30 minutes or until soft when pierced with a fork.

Pumpkins and others - for the kids, pick a pumpkin!  We planned for a pick-your-own patch this season but due to a wet early summer, our field was swamped and did not produce much.  As a result, we harvested what remained and will have them in shop.  They are not big jack-o-lanterns, rather a personal sized.  Also a few other squashes that are on the small side but otherwise make a nice decoration.  Help yourself. 

Flowers and Herbs - whatever you like to harvest out there.  Beans moving along but slow in this cooler weather.  I really thought we would have them in by now.  We will hold off picking for another week. 

Farm Update
We have nice crops to look forward to in the coming weeks to keep you warm through the fall (and maybe the winter months if you are stocking up), think stews and Crockpot's - more winter squash (butternut and acorn), beets, cabbage (green and red), potatoes (whites and sweets), cauliflower, broccoli, fennel, leeks, rutabaga, turnips, parsnips, plenty of greens, onions and garlic.  Also, we will buy in apples from a local farm for extra sales. 

In other news, congratulations to our Caroline on her wedding this past weekend!  It was a great day, lots of flowers and good food.  All the best!

See you on the Farm.     

Posted 9/18/2013 8:44am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Harvest, Week 15. 
On the table in Farm Shop: 
New crop - carrots!  We bunch and distribute with the green tops.  Tip: chop tops off when you get home and store separately as a green if you like to use them for juicing.  The carrots will keep longer in storage without the greens.  Broccoli still another week to go, beautiful heads out there, just need to get a bit bigger though.
-  Greens - lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula.  Great fall for greens, extras for sale. We will distribute using our scale method again, and offer choices for greens.
-  Winter squash - spaghetti and buttercup, your choice.
-  Mix and Match - onions, eggplant, peppers (sweet red Italians, orange and green bells), radish. 
-  Garlic and hot peppers (if you like a little heat).

Extras for sale, see Farm Shop for details.

-  Flowers, fill a bucket - along driveway, nice zinnias.  Over the walking bridge, plenty of gomphrena (small pink and purple balls); celosia (multi colored mix reds and yellows mostly); sunflowers, limit 2.    
-  Herbs, no limit take what you need/like - thyme and oregano, plenty out there.  For the basil, we cut it back to regrow.  Still out there though.  Dill and cilantro have gone to seed, but look nice and smell great too in a flower bouquet.  
-  No green beans until next week likely.  New patch growing a bit slower in the cooler weather.  Makes for a great bean though, worth the wait.
Seafood - Flounder!  Nice fillets, good sized portions (1.5lbs).  A few extras for sale, first come first serve.  

Other items:  cheese - mozzarella (string and ball).  We have put another order in with our farm friends for more hard cheese coming soon.  Chicken sausages too - broccoli rabe, sun dried tomato and apple.  White wine sold out for the season.

See you on the Farm.
Posted 9/11/2013 6:29am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Harvest, Week 14
On the table in Farm Shop...
Greens - Spinach and Lettuce!  So nice to have a salad again (don't forget the radishes!). Arugula and Kale too.  Winter Squash - Spaghetti and Buttercup (see below for tips).  Peppers - new this week, sweet orange bells; greens and long sweet reds too.  Make stuffed peppers, good to freeze extras for later use.  More Sweet onions, Eggplant, Garlic and Radishes.  Sneak peak for next week - carrots!  Just need another week to size up. 

Beans.  Still out there, but the quality is a larger bean and not as tender as the first pick.  We do have another patch seeded which should be ready in 2 weeks.     
Flowers and Herbs. Fill a bucket.  The zinnia and basil patches along the driveway are best for picking.  Still time to make pesto and freeze!  The older flowers and herbs over the walking bridge are available if you like but it is weedy and nearing the end.  Try drying flowers and herbs for fall/winter decoration.  A few sunflowers are out there, limit 2 stems.

Peaches.  From our farm friends at Pastore Orchards in Hammonton.  Available Wed and Sat Farm Shop.  Savor the summer and freeze for later use.  Cube peaches, leave skins on.  Place fruit on a cookie sheet, single layer and freeze - this will prevent them sticking together in a freezer bag.  When frozen, overnight good, place in a ziploc bag and use as needed for fall/winter recipes.

Farm Tips:
Winter squash?   Cooking winter squash is easy.  To bake: cut in half, scoop out seeds and place cut sides down in a baking dish filled with a bit of water, quarter inch is good.  Bake 350 until soft/skin pierced with a fork, about 40 min.  Scoop out flesh and use according to your favorite recipe.  I like to have some cooked up ahead of time in the fridge ready to use for a quick meal (like baked squash and pasta).  For storing your winter squashes, keep in a cool, dry location with good ventilation like a basement (for longer term storage, up to a few month depending on the variety). Do not refrigerate and don't let it freeze on your porch or garage.  Otherwise use as a table arrangement/fall decoration, you might be inspired to eat them more quickly!
Buttercup - It is my favorite of the winter squashes, dense and sweet.  Good for baking and stuffing.  The flesh is perfect for "pumpkin" pies, or as a side dish mashed, topped with butter/maple syrup or brown sugar/nuts. 
Spaghetti - Bake and scrape "spaghetti" out using a fork.  To serve, drizzle it with olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon and or zest of lemon, coarse salt/fresh cracked pepper to taste, top with fresh herbs (any will be fine) and Parmesan cheese.  Simple side dish or as a main meal.  Another favorite dish, spaghetti squash with stir fried veggies and/or sausage (if you like meat that is).  Meals made easier/quicker if you have squash prepared ahead of time in fridge; I cook one or 2 up for the week for healthy meals.  Sauté peppers, onions and whatever else you got.  Add cooked squash to heat through and serve with Parmesan cheese.
Other Greens? If you are not doing so already, when you get home with your greens:  chop, wash and spin dry/pat dry.  Store in a plastic bag, remove air and they will keep longer. 
Kale - Remove stems, chop greens and use many ways.  Add to baked beans, great in soups/stews/baked pasta dishes.  Make a kale quiche with sweet peppers and onions.  How about kale and walnut pesto? 
Arugula - Add to a salad mix: use a sweet dressing and/or top with caramelized sweet peppers and onions to cut the pepper flavor.   Add to a pizza: toss with a lemon vinaigrette and Parmesan cheese.  Try with the radishes too.

Cheese and Chicken Sausages still available - we have ricotta and mozzerella (string and ball types). 

Hope this helps and see you on the Farm.
Posted 9/4/2013 8:16am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Harvest, Week 13

On the table in Farm Shop...
Say hello to a few new crops, the first of the winter squashes to appear this fall, spaghetti squash!  Also radishes.  We will continue to give out lots of garlic, sweet onions, peppers (green bells and sweet reds), eggplant, potatoes and kale.  For the potatoes, since our crop is not as plentiful due to the rain washing out half our field earlier in the season, we have worked out a trade with another organic farmer.  Our friends at Fernbrook Farm in Bordentown were short on eggplant so we traded our bounty of eggplant for their potatoes.  Nice reds and blues.  We still have a few of our white spuds so we will do a red, white and blue mix for you.  Please take a fair mix, not all blues and/or reds as we would like everyone to have a mix.   Thanks!  For the tomatoes, sad to say they are done for the season.  I thought we could squeeze 1 more week, but the rain took them down.  Farewell tomatoes.  BUT we got lots of greens beans to make you smile.  2 quarts this week, also extras for sale if you like to stock up the freezer.

Seafood of the week - LOBSTER!  Click here for more info.  We will have a few extras for sale.

Beans - 2 quarts
Flowers, Herbs - sunflowers 8 stems.  Others, fill a bucket.  Have a look at our displays for ideas.  For the herbs, take what you need/like for the week.  Herbs good for drying too.

See you on the Farm! 
Posted 8/27/2013 3:43pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
Week 12 Harvest and More
What a week to be on the Farm and a CSA member!  We got nice crops for you and your friends and family to have a real farmy Labor Day celebration!  I'm thinking peach pies/cobblers, green bean salads, potato salad, fresh mozzarella/ tomato with greens skewered, drizzled with olive oil or balsamic glaze, corn on the cob, grilled veggies, roasted garlic spreads, fresh flowers for the tables, and the possibilities go on.

From our farm friends at Pastore Orchards in Hammonton - Sweet Corn and Peaches.  Available Wed and Sat Farm Shop for purchase. 

Also available for purchase:
Cheese - Mozzarella, ball and string cheese, Horseradish Cheddar and Ricotta.
Chicken Sausage -  White Wine/Parsley, Sundried Tomato/Basil, Broccoli Rabe, Apple

On the table in Farm Shop - GARLIC!  We love our garlic.  Planted last October, harvested in July and hanging in our Farm Shop to cure a few weeks to get nice and garlicky for our members.  We will have garlic for you from now likely through the end of the season.  Greens - new plantings of Arugula and Braising Mix.  Kale too (red Russian variety).  Tomatoes, plums and slicers, mix and match 2 quarts total.  The PYO plums are closed now and staff will harvest the remainder of this crop for another week due to field conditions (see more on PYO below).  Mix and Match - eggplant, cucumbers, peppers (green bells and sweet reds).  Also potatoes and sweet onions. Hot peppers too (take a few if you like).  The summer squash/zucchini harvest has ended for the season.  In a week or 2 we will introduce the winter squash varieties, starting with Delicata (also known as sweet potato squash, yum!)

Pick-Your-Own - look for the yellow flags.
GREEN BEANS!  1 quart.  This crop is just coming on, beans are thin and tender.  This patch will get fuller after the first week of picking.  Enjoy.

Flowers and Herbs - check out our newer zinnia patch, a bit easier to pick than those across the walking bridge.  New sunflowers opened this week, yellow with green centers.  Limit 3 sunflower stems.  Other flowers - fill a bucket.  Newer basil close to zinnias, please pick this patch over older one.  Make a few more batches of pesto.  Other herbs out there too, take what you like/need.

Tomatoes -  2 quarts.  Possibly the last week for cherries and grapes - enter at your own risk! Plums closed.  It has been challenging to keep up with the grass and disease due to the earlier wet weather that prevented us from maintaining this crop as we have in previous years.  Also, the disease pressure has been increasing and causing quite a mess out there with lots of rot on the ground.  We know the fields are not as pleasant to walk through these days but still good tomatoes out there.  We do apologize for our appearance and hope for better conditions next season.  Every year is a learning experience and we do listen to our customers as well.  Lets us know your thoughts and we will do our best to accommodate our members.  As a CSA member, this is YOUR Farm!

Bulk PYO tomatoes (grapes and cherries) $1/lb.  Not sure if we will have extra plums or slicers for sale in Farm Shop, to be determined after harvest.    
See you on the Farm! 
Posted 8/20/2013 2:50pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Week 11 Harvest
On the table in Farm Shop...
Greens- Kale, Arugula and Braising Mix
Mix and Match - Eggplant, Peppers (green bells and sweet red Italias), Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Cucumbers. 
Also Tomatoes, Potatoes, Sweet Onions.

-  Tomatoes (plums and cherries).  Lots out there.  Make sauce, freeze or can.  Bring your friends and purchase extra, $1.25/lb. 
-  Flowers - Sunflowers, limit 5 stems.  New zinnias open next to sunflowers.  Please watch your step on the emerging beans though!  Lots of flowers over the walking bridge, fill a bucket.
-  Herbs - Oregano and Thyme, use fresh or dry for later use.  Cilantro and Dill have gone to seed but still good herb flavor out there. 
Seafood (Wed only) -
Clams, littleneck's.  Few extras for sale.   

Cheese - just a few more pieces. We have placed another order but likely we will be out for a week or 2 until the next delivery.   

Chicken Sausage - still plenty in the freezers, all varieties. 

See you on the Farm.