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Posted 8/22/2012 3:46pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
On the table this week in Farm Shop...
Tomatoes* (slicers, cherries, heirlooms), Garlic, Kale, Red Onions, Potatoes*, Scallions, Cucumbers, Peppers* (Sweet and Hots), Eggplant*, Herbs (Basil, Parsley, Dill).  Not part of the share but in Farm Shop for purchase - Watermelon (yellow) and Peaches, see below.
Peaches for sale, $2/quart.  Sourced locally, Pastore Orchards, Hammonton.  Fruit is not part of the share this season, although we may add it to next season's budget.  For now, we will experiment in Farm Shop and "buy in" local farm products for purchase at cost.  Member feedback is much appreciated.
Increase the size of your share!  Stock up the pantry and freezer.  Know someone who is interested in joining the farm for next season?  Bring them by on your next visit to check it out and purchase bulk produce.  Great prices for organic. 
Tomatoes, slicers $1/lb
Tomatoes, plums $1/lb
Tomatoes, cherries PYO, $1.50/qt
Potatoes, white, $1/lb
Eggplant, Italian $1 each
Watermelon, yellow, $3 each.  If we do not have enough of a crop to distribute fairly to all, we will offer it for sale to those who are interested.
Cherry Tomatoes, red, black and orange varieties.  Bulk available too, $1.50/qt.
Below is a link to a mid-season survey that will help the program coordinators assess your satisfaction with the seafood shares thus far.  It should not take more than five minutes to complete and will enable us adapt the program to your comments and suggestions.  Thank you for your assistance in helping us improve the program.
See you on the Farm. 
PS. For those who did not see last weeks attachment on the South Jersey food group, click link below.
Posted 8/16/2012 6:28am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
WEEK 10:
Tomatoes* (slicers, plums, heirlooms), Garlic, Onions (red), Leeks and/or Scallions (your choice), Eggplant*, Peppers* (Sweet Red Italian variety and Bells, some golds and reds too), Cucumbers, Watermelon* (red and yellow, your choice), Herbs.  ALSO we will offer Corn as part of the share (bulk sales too).  Corn is not organic but local, Russo Farms, Tabernacle, NJ.  If you are not interested, you may trade out for something else.  We do our best to offer a variety of crops but we are unable to grow every crop such as corn and tree fruit, therefore we support local farmers who have the means to do so.  Working on Peaches for next week, and apples in the fall.  We would like your feedback, and let us know what you would like to see on the table. 
For the herbs and hot peppers, we will put out a selection, please take what you need/want.  Make hot pepper jellies (great with creme cheese and crackers) and herb pestos, not just for basil!
The zucchini and yellow squash harvest has ended for the season.  We will have cucumbers for another week or 2 it seems. 
Tomatoes, cherries, red, orange and black varieties.  Due to the rain this past Farm Shop on Saturday, we had to close the pick-your-own fields.  We do apologize for the inconvenience but it is best for the tomatoes if we stay out in wet conditions to prevent disease.  If you were unable to pick on another day, then you may take extra this Farm Shop.
Tomatoes, slicers $1/lb, cherries $2.50/quart
Eggplant $1 each
Peppers .50 each
Watermelon $3 each
Corn $3/1.00
Mushrooms $2.50
Flower sale, half price sunnys $2.00/bunch.  We over-harvested last week and have extra.  As a result,they might not last as long, but cut the stems shorter and you will get a few days out of them.  Note:  flower share members will receive additional fresh cuts this week.
SEAFOOD #6 CLAMS, middlenecks.  We will have a few extra on hand for additional purchase.  Please visit the website for further details on the seafood share this week. 
One more farm note, there is a new food group in South Jersey that might interest some of you.  Please see the attachment.  A member has asked me to pass along the word and I do not know much about it so refer to the brochure for details and contacts.
Have a great day and see you on the Farm.
Posted 8/13/2012 5:12pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
Dear Members,
Due to the rain this past Farm Shop on Saturday, we had to close the pick-your-own fields.  We do apologize for the inconvenience but it is best for the tomatoes if we stay out in wet conditions to prevent disease.  If you were unable to get your share of cherry tomatoes as a result, the fields will be open this week, 9-4.  Stop by the Farm Shop and help yourself to quart containers on the counter and pick your share.  Follow the pink tags on the stakes, 3 rows open, orange, red and black varieties.  Staff will be working in the fields and will likely not be around in Farm Shop.  You are on the honor system. 
Smalls 1 quart
Larges 2 quart
If you prefer not to do so, then you may pick extra on the next Farm Shop day.
Thanks for your understanding.  See you on the Farm.
Posted 8/9/2012 7:37am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
Leeks, Tomatoes (Slicers, Plums, Heirlooms*, Cherries*), Watermelon (Yellow and Red varieties), Eggplant* (Italian and Asian varieties), Peppers* (Sweet Bells and Red Italias and Hots), Cucumbers, Squash (yellow and zucchini), Potatoes (whites), Herbs (Cilantro and Dill).  DON'T FORGET TO TAKE A MELON FROM THE WAGON OUT FRONT!  ONE PER SHARE, YELLOW OR RED VARIETY, YOUR CHOICE.
BULK SALES, increase you share!: 
Tomatoes:  We have lots of cherry tomatoes (pick-your-own).  We have increased the number of slicers and plums as the harvest is heavier, but not enough to sell bulk yet.  Heirlooms are just coming on but they are not part of the share this week as we do not have enough for all and they do not store well.  We hope to have more coming on but they are a tricky crop to grow as they don't have much disease resistance.  We grow a green and orange variety.  We will put a few out on the counter and offer them for sale to those interested in expanding their tomato minds.
We have tons of Peppers and Eggplant, nice crops!  Stock up the freezer and buy bulk, or bring a friend to the farm and purchase extra.  Great prices for organic! 
-  Cherry tomatoes, Pick-Your-Own, $2.50/quart
-  Heirlooms, .75 each
-  Eggplant, Italian varieties $1 each and Asians .50 each
-  Peppers, green bells .50 each
-  Cantaloupe, $1.50 each.  This is the last of this crop for the season, just a few left.
We have a new sunflower patch in, just out front our Farm Shop.  Big heads and a smaller branching variety.  Flower share members, select either a mixed bouquet or larger stems. Flower sales, $4/bunch.
The sausage is a hit, White wine/Parsley sold out.  We still have Granny Smith, Sun dried Tomato and Feta/Spinach varieties.  Hot Pockets available too, Sun dried Tomato and Spinach/Feta.  Help yourself to the freezers and we will ring you up.  Also Farmer Caroline's oyster mushrooms first come first serve - she sells out fast!
From all of us, thanks for supporting the Farm and we look forward to seeing you in Farm Shop.
Posted 8/1/2012 5:10pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Week 8 Veggies:
Sweet Onions, Tomatoes (Slicers, Plums and Pick-Your-Own Cherries), Watermelon (red and yellow varieties) and Cantaloupe, Potatoes (whites), Peppers, Eggplant, Squash (lots of yellows, less zucchini), Cucumbers, Herbs (Cilantro, Dill, Basil, Parsley).  For the hot peppers, take what you need as most people use them in few dishes in small amounts.  If you would like more hot peppers, talk to us and we can swap something out or you can make a purchase.
Bulk Sales:  Eggplant ($1.50/lb) and peppers ($1.50/lb).  We have lots!  Increase your share size or bring a friend to check out the farm and buy some organic veggies.  Only peppers and eggplant this week.  As the tomatoes get heavy, we will let you know.  Tomatoes are about 2 weeks behind due to the hail damage earlier in the season but looking good.
Pick-Your-Own:  The cherry tomatoes will be open for the next few weeks so go out and get um!  We have containers for you to pick, you may keep these too.  The red and orange varieties are more plentiful than the black cherry for now.  Look low on the plants as they ripen close to the ground first.  OPEN ROWS ARE MARKED WITH PINK TAPE.  Please keep to the marked pick-your-own rows, we kindly ask that you do not wander into unmarked rows.  Also, some spots in the rows are tight, please be careful with the plants.  Thanks!
Seafood Share - Lobster!  Lobster will be cooked however, not live.  As this is a pilot program, we realized last night that the lobsters we expected to distribute live will not work. Why?  We were hoping to have the lobsters delivered Saturday morning and overnight storage would not be an issue.  Rather the delivery will be Friday night and we can hold them in a cooler/refrigerator but run the risk of moralities.  We do not have a cold salt water tank to keep the lobsters live overnight, and if we hold them live in coolers there is a chance we could loose a few.  Therefore we decided the best thing to do is have them cooked so we can hold them safely without issue.  As always, we will provide you with ways to handle your share.  You can still eat the lobster hot and with lots of butter, you just have to heat meat through in boiling water.  Or serve the meat cold in a salad, maybe with some nice tomatoes you just picked!  Regardless, it will be fresh and local and delicious. 
Support your local fisherman!  We will have extra lobsters on hand for those who would like to add to their share.  A lobster share is 2 lobsters, approximately 1 and 1/4 each.  Cost to be determined, it will be around $28 though.  Minimum purchase is 2 lobsters, we will not sell individuals.
As always, thanks for supporting the CSA and we look forward to seeing you in Farm Shop.
Posted 7/30/2012 4:07pm by Jennifer Lamonaca.
Posted 7/25/2012 4:07pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Week 7 Veggies:
Potatoes, Cantaloupe, Peppers (Bells; Hots - Jalapeno and Hungarian Hot Wax), Eggplant (Italian and Asian varieties), Beets, Scallions, Cucumbers, Squash, Herbs (Dill, Parsley, Basil).  Chinese Cabbage is keeping well so we can offer it again this week.  We will sell bulk too, $2.00/hd.
Tomatoes, cherries, 3 varieties - Sungold (orange), Sakura (red) and Black Cherry (dark rose).  Looks like a pint for the Smalls and a quart for the Larges.  We will supply containers and mark the areas that you may pick.  PLEASE STAY IN THE MARKED AREAS AND PICK FAIRLY.  The cherries are just coming on and we want to be sure all members get a fair share.  We encourage eating off the vine, please enjoy, but we are not heavy with this crop yet.  Also, it is a little tight in some of the rows so please be careful walking through as to not damage the plants.  Thanks! 
Crop Update:
Greens are off the table for a few weeks as they bolt and become bitter with the heat.  We will be planting lettuce, spinach and other greens next week.  Cucumbers and Squash and winding down.  We do have another planting coming in but it is not as strong as the spring planting.  We will keep our eye on it and hope to get another nice flush of them soon.  Moving on to the next heavy hitters...Eggplant and Peppers.  We have lots and soon they will ripen to reds and golds.  Great for stuffing or add a chopped pepper to whatever you are making.  Peppers freeze well too.  Just slice and freeze, no blanching.  Watermelons (red and yellow varieties) are ripening, for now we will keep giving out the Cantaloupes.  Next week looks like more Tomatoes, slicers and plums.  Hope you like Tomatoes because we planted a ton! 
Other Farm news...the CSA is now CERTIFIED ORGANIC by the NJ Department of Agriculture!
Posted 7/19/2012 11:57am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Week 6 Veggies:
Cantaloupe, Peppers (Bells and Hots), Eggplant (Italian and Asian, your choice), Beets and Scallions.
Mix and Match Greens - Lettuce, Asian mix (great raw in salad or cooked) and Chard.
Mix and Match Veggies - Cabbage*, Zucchini/Yellow squash* and Cucumbers*.  We have been eating lots of these crops, so you choose what is best for your table.
Pick-Your-Own update
Tomatoes - Cherries just coming on, orange and red varieties.  We will open this soon for u-pick.  For now, help yourself to a sample in Farm Shop. 
Beans - Well the first seeding was eaten mostly by deer.  We do have some, but not enough for all to pick.  Staff will harvest what we can and put them out for a sample/Farm Shop snack along with the Tomatoes.  Help yourself to a handful.  We have seeded more beans which should be ready in about 3 weeks.
Bulk sales:
Cabbage $2.00/hd - last week for this crop.  It will keep well in the fridge for a while, or make meals and freeze for later use. 
Cucumbers $2.50/qt.  Pickles!
Squash, Zucchini and Yellow .75 each.  Shred and freeze, or make meals/breads and freeze.
Seafood #4 SCALLOPS!  We know this is a popular item so we will stock additional shares. The share will be 2lbs and cost $25.
See you on the Farm.
Posted 7/12/2012 7:22am by Jennifer Lamonaca.

Week 5 Veggies: Eggplant (Classic Italian and Asian varieties), Beets, Cucumbers, Zucchini/Yellow Squash, Radish (little spicy!), Cabbage (your choice Chinese, Red or Green), Herbs (your choice Parsley, Basil), Scallions and Greens – Lettuce, Kale, Stir Fry Mix.

On the Herbs, earlier in the season we planted Cilantro and Dill which went to seed before we could harvest much.  However, we have seeded more which should be available soon.  For now, we have lots of Basil and Parsley!  You can make pestos and/or freeze.  Also, herbs do well on your kitchen counter in a jar of water. Add a few flower stems for a nice display.

Cherry tomatoes are ripening and as soon as there is enough for all to pick, we will open this field. Looks like a good crop – the staff has been sampling, you know, quality control!  Also, we ate our first Cantaloupe, warmed in the sun right in the field and it was sweet.  Just another one of the perks of working on a farm!

Flower Care – please bring a jar/container of water for your flowers for the ride home, they will last longer.  I use a mason jar or something that will fit in my cup holder. Some members have mentioned their flowers are not lasting more than a day or two, but the staff has not found this to be the case. Although, if you are not happy with the product, please let us know!  Our flowers are field grown, fresh cut and delicate, not your commercial grocery store tanks!  We do not use floral preservative.  We cut, bunch and hand over to you, just as if they were out of your grandmother’s backyard.  Please keep them in water on your ride to wherever or they will wilt.  Flowers on the back seat of the car, in the bag with your veggies and/or on your counter at home for a while you are doing other things will shorten quality and longevity.  Also, remove the rubber bands and give the stems a trim to help water uptake. Flowers should last through the week. Enjoy.
See you on the Farm.
Posted 7/4/2012 4:33pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA Week 4 Veggies: Greens - mix and match (Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Kale), Bok Choy, Cabbage - your choice (Napa or Red), Cucumbers, Yellow Squash/Zucchini, Beets, Hot Peppers (Jalapenos and Long Hots - both great for stuffing or a little heat in a dish), Scallions and Basil.  As a teaser, Eggplant, Sweet Peppers and Tomatoes are not far behind!
Produce tips:  Now is the time to make pickles!  Also stock up the freezer with Zucchini, make breads or shred raw for later use.  Greens freeze well too, blanch first.  Other ideas on the website, check it out.
Seafood Saturday:  Oysters!  More to follow on the fisherman and recipes.
Farm update: Friday night's storm on the website blog.
Farm Shop Hours Thursday 3-6 OR Saturday 9-12.
See you on the Farm!