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Posted 7/4/2017 3:43pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP… Scallions, Radish, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Zucchini (green/yellow), Beets, Carrots, Lettuce, Kale, Kohlrabi, Garlic Scapes (make the pesto!!!) and maybe some other greens.


PICK YOUR OWN… Beans (green/yellow), Herbs AND Flowers! AND Blueberries.

  • Beans: Lots of Beans!  Extras for sale. 
  • Flowers/Herbs: Please bring your own scissors, AND a small jar/cup for getting flowers/herbs home fresh and lively; something that will fit in your cup holder. Light on herbs and flowers, they will get bigger and fill in as we pick throughout summer. 
  • Herbs – Cilantro, Basil (Italian and Lemon), Parsley, Chives, Rosemary, and Thyme – snip what you need for the week. 

Farmer Tip: flowers – as you cut in field, strip leaves from stems and drop on ground; hold bouquet together w/ rubber band. Same for Herbs too, place in same jar with flowers.  I keep together on my counter and use herbs as needed throughout the week.   
Farm Updates… Crew working hard, and on the 4th of July, bringing in the harvest for Week 4 CSA.  Many thanks to the crew for their support, and for a job well done.  In addition to the weekly harvest of all the healthy veggies, we are tending to fall crops in the greenhouse, transplanting and seeding in the fields, weeding and so on.  And the heat and humidity add another layer to the cake!  On a personal side, farmer Ryan spent a week in the hospital for probably Lymes, still trying to diagnose.  He is OK and back on the farm on light duty. Thanks for all the well wishes! As a result, our inventory of extras for sale – the cheeses, pasta are low; Ryan handles this for me.  We should be stocked up again in the coming week. Also, look forward to local corn and peaches soon from our farm friends in Hammonton.
Fresh Baked Breads and baked goods, Hammerbacher…sure to please!  On hand every Wed and Sat until sold out. 
See you on the Farm!
Posted 6/27/2017 6:49pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA Week 3; PICKUP Wed 1-6, OR Sat 9-2.


ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP… Broccoli, Cabbage, Beets, Carrots, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Lettuce, Kale, Chard, Kohlrabi, Garlic scapes, Arugula (and maybe Spinach).  All things for amazing salads and grilling! Mix and Match options – lots of healthy crops to choose!


PICK YOUR OWN… Beans (green/yellow); Sunflowers (2 stems - see sample in Shop for what/how to cut - please bring your own scissors); Peas (last week – plants not so nice, but still good peas). Blueberries $1.75/lb. Herbs likely next week.



  • Fresh baked breads and baked goods, Hammerbacher. In the fridge – our pickled beets and turnips – great on salads! 
  • Farmstead Cheeses – ricotta, mozzarella, aged Gouda, Fulper Farms.
  • Eggs – best in South Jersey! Cycle Farms.  
  • Produce – see sign in Farm Shop for details. 
  • Farm swag – T-shirts and farm bags – show off your farm.

Thanks for your support – see you on the farm.

Posted 6/20/2017 5:00pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA Week 2; PICKUP Wed 6/21, 1-6 pm OR Sat 6/24, 9 am-2 pm.


ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP… Lettuce (red/greens), Spinach, Arugula, Kale (curly/Italian types), Chard, Cucumbers, Zucchini (green/yellow), Carrots, Beets, Kohlrabi, Turnips, Garlic Scapes. MIX AND MATCH options!


PICK YOUR OWN… Peas – Basic (smaller) 1 pint; Harvester (larger) 1 quart. Extras for sale.  Blueberries, $1.75/lb.



  • Fresh baked breads, hand pies and baked goods; Hammerbacher, EHC.
  • Pasta, homemade (in smaller chest freezer); Red Room Café, Ventnor.
  • Chicken sausages (in larger, upright freezer); Griggstown Farm, Princeton.
  • Farm fresh eggs; Cycle Farm, EHC. 
  • Cheeses – aged gouda, ricotta and mozzarella; Fulper Farms, Lambertville.

See you on the Farm!

Posted 6/13/2017 9:59am by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA WEEK 1: PICKUP WED 6/14, 1-6 PM; SAT 6/17, 9AM-2 PM.  Please pick up shares BEFORE closing; give yourself time for gathering your share and pick your own during Farm Shop hours.  Much appreciated!  

BLUEBERRIES, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: 8AM-4PM, MON-SUN.  Extended hours Wed until 6PM for CSA members picking up shares.  HOW DOES IT WORK?  Grab a can from inside the barn (or at the house garage if CSA barn closed).  Pick from marked rows only; we grow 2 varieties that mature at different times.  $1.75/lb.  


ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP… 9-10 crops to choose from: Spinach, Kale, Swiss chard, Carrots, Lettuce, Zucchini, Kohlrabi, Turnips, Garlic scapes. AND U-pick blueberries! AND maybe U-pick Peas (game time decision).  


HOW DOES PICKUP WORK? Please review Member Agreement.  In short – bring a bag; follow signs for parking; check in at barn and confirm your share size (Basic labeled RED, Harvester labeled GREEN); check U-Pick available (most members prefer to do this first, then pack their shares so they don’t have bags sitting around or in the car); all crops will be labeled with what it is and how much you can take.  Help yourself and staff will be around to assist.  


CSA Member Gift – Paid in Full (by MAY 1 deadline) AND Returning members – grab a bag, and thank you for your support!  

CSA Payment Due.  Please pay online via "Member Portal" link OR in Farm Shop during pickup – if you need to make other arrangements, please let me know.  And thank you for your payment.   

Extra Jersey Fresh for Sale…

  • Fresh baked/artisan Breads, Hand pies (filled with our veggies), assorted baked goods; Hammerbacher, EHC.
  • Pasta, fresh/homemade; Red Room Café, Ventnor. 
  • Chicken Sausage, assorted varieties; Griggstown Farm, Princeton.
  • Cheeses, farm fresh – Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gouda; Fulper Farms, Lambertville. 
  • Eggs, free range (and they eat our veggie scraps)! Cycle Farms, EHC.
  • T-shirts – show off your farm!

See you on the Farm!

Posted 6/5/2017 3:44pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA Opens next week; pick up Wed Jun 14th/Sat 17th

Soooo close to opening this week…but a few crops need another week.


Crops to Expect, Week 1: Lettuce (tender spring mix, butterheads, red and green leaf), Spinach, Kale (ground hog approved), Carrots (might be our best carrot crop ever!), Garlic scapes, Kohlrabi, Swiss chard. Zucchini and Beets a good possibility too. 


Pick-Your-Own: Peas and Green beans and Blueberries growing on nice – I’ll have a better idea on harvest next week.   


I will be in touch as we near opening day with further updates.  The crew is working hard to make our CSA a success – they are great and I could not pull it off without their help.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the farm.


Posted 5/24/2017 4:35pm by Jennifer Lamonaca.

Hello CSA and welcome spring! We are much looking forward to seeing our CSA members on the farm soon. Lots planted in the fields, and the greenhouse is bursting with more. The weather has been amazing and we have been in the greenhouse and fields every day since March preparing for another CSA season. I have not been in the office much up until this week (2.5 inches of rain and hopefully no more!). I'm not complaining though, we are off to a great start!  


OUR STAFF… we are so fortunate to have dedicated staff come back year after year, and to hire eager, young blood - Stockton U interns digging in! This job is tough; they work hard all season to bring food to the table and help make this farm a success. Love you guys!


EQUIPMENT AND LAND...  Farm efficiency has gone up significantly with a new tractor, a mulch layer to help keep weeds down and a transplanter (shown here).  All things better for the employees and crops.  More land means more work so we upgraded our production system accordingly. Very excited!  

OPENING DAY... early June; CSA Week 1 pick-up tentatively Wed June 7th/Sat June 10th. AND What Crops?  Early on, you can expect: greens… spinach, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, arugula; roots… carrots and beets; cucumbers; zucchini; salad and sandwich toppers… radish and spring turnips; and CSA oddities… kohlrabi and garlic scapes.  Also Pick-Your-Own:  peas, green beans, flowers and herbs. Won't be long!

FARM MARKETS... we are trying our hand at opening the farm sooner than June; a spring market is a good place to experiment with early crops and scheduling versus opening the CSA too soon with not enough diversity.  Craving farm veggies now? – check us out at Linwood Central Square – Saturdays 9-1.  Help spread the love! The CSA is my priority and I love doing it and I love being on the farm.  So we are using the markets to market ourselves and expand the CSA. Tell friends and family to visit us at the Galloway Green Market this summer/fall.

CSA PAYMENTS DUE... if you have not sent in your final payment, kindly do so before 1st pick-up. Not yet joined for 2017?  We have space available - 2 sized shares - small and large shares. Visit the “Member Portal” link on the website to check your member status and make a payment. Any questions about CSA – give me a call or email. 

COMMUNITY NEWS… Pick-Your-Own STRAWBERRIES Saul’s Father and Son Farm

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ bbfarmsnj for farm photos and other shenanigans!  

Farmer Jen

Posted 11/21/2016 4:00pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

Thanksgiving shares @ B&B Farms (orders only, no extras for sale).  

WHEN?  Pick up orders Tues 11/22, 1-5 pm.  If you are unable to pick up during this time, please send a friend to do so, we cannot hold orders for another day or time. 



  • CSA veggies (prepacked box): Brussel sprouts (1lb), Winter squash (2 butternut, 1 delicata); Cauliflower (1-2 heads, depends on weight), Broccoli (1.25 lbs.), Leeks (1 bu), Garlic (2 heads), Carrots (1 bu equivalent), Potatoes (4 lbs. reds/whites), Cabbage (red, 2 small heads), Spinach (1lb), Kale (1 bu equivalent), Fennel (1-2 heads, depends on weight), Cranberries (1 pint).  Extras for sale?  No; all crops have been distributed equally among all orders. 
  • Hammerbacher pies.
  • Turkeys (Cycle Farms), and 
  • Griggstown Farms orders.

Complimentary coffee and cookies – warm up with a hot cup and a snack.  Meet and greet our new farm dog, Iggy!  

See you on the farm.

Posted 11/10/2016 10:23am by Jennifer LaMonaca.

Thanksgiving Shares on Sale - Jersey Fresh!


  • B&B Farms CSA - VEGGIE BOX (prepacked, about 1 bushel full). 
  • Hammerbacher - PIES, FRESH BAKED (CranApple Crumble, Pumpkin and Apple). 
  • Griggstown Farms - POTPIES (turkey and veggie), CHICKEN SAUSAGES (Granny Smith Apple and Broccoli Rabe).
  • Cycle Farms - TURKEY, FARM FRESH.  <15 lbs, 15-20 lbs, >20 lbs. Pricing average $4.50/lb Contact farmer Melanie to place orders direct Please specify pickup location - either with us or at Cycle Farms.

TAKING ORDERS: THURS 11/10 – THURS 11/17 (or until sold out).

PICKUP ORDERS: TUES 11/22; either @ Hammerbacher OR B&B Farms 1-5 pm - location weather dependent.  As we get close to pickup, we will let you know and perhaps extend hours until 7 pm if at Hammerbacher.  



More Community... 

Tickets have begun to flow like the libations described in the song presented in the link below. Hope everyone can hear in person come Dec 2nd @ Stockton University and join in the band of merriment.
Tickets found at:
Tune in to the vibe at:


Posted 10/18/2016 5:32pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA Week 19; final pick up for the season. Wed 10/19, 1-6 OR Sat 10/22, 9-2.  Followed by our End of Season Farm To Table Dinner.

On the Table in Farm Shop… Stock up the pantry with Potatoes (red/whites), Sweet potatoes, Garlic and Winter squash (butternut, buttercup, delicata, sweet dumpling). Greens – Lettuce, Spinach, Kale and Chard.  Also, Cabbage, Broccoli, Carrots, Peppers, Beets and Turnips.  Pick-Your-Own Herbs – make a nice kitchen bouquet for the counter, or freeze/dry.   

Cranberries – Simons Berry Farm, Tabernacle – a CSA thank you gift for being a part of our season; grab a pint and recipe book. Wrapped in our B&B Farms 30th anniversary labels (from years ago when we packed blueberries).  I think I am going to frame one! We love our CSA customers; your support is much appreciated.   

Coffee – Boardwalk Beans, Pleasantville.  Serving free samples and selling full pours!  Beans/ground coffee for sale too; featuring fair trade and organic.  A roasty, toasty sendoff to the season!  

Extra Jersey Fresh for Sale…

  • Fresh Baked Hammerbacher – breads, pies and other goods.  Paul and Lauren, thank you for going the extra mile for us; we look forward to working together and expanding our farm vision.  Your talent, energy and commitment to community are admired.    
  • Griggstown FarmsLast chance for Griggstown products (we are stocked up for the last Shop). Potpies (chicken, beef, veggie). Chicken sausage (broccoli rabe, sun dried tomato, granny smith apple).  My winter is not complete without a freezer full of Griggstown!
  • Cheese – cheddar, Dodges Market.  Makes a good mac and cheese. 
  • Eggs – Cycle Farms.  Thank you farmer Melanie for your hard work and being a part of another CSA season.  We had hoped for more chickens and a pork sale, but as the season goes, Mother Nature had interrupted our plans.  We applaud your efforts!  

HARVEST DINNER, SUN OCT 23RD, 4-7 pm @ B&B Farms CSA – Hammerbacher preparing an outstanding menu –  CSA staff will be serving up appetizers, followed by a generous buffet dinner.  Desserts and coffee too.  BYOB.  Music by Laney Jones.  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.   

CSA SHARES – 2017 memberships open for renewals and new members – help us spread the word and continue to grow our CSA!  Your upfront payment helps us in many ways to keep our small family farm in business and thriving.  We thank you for being a part of this farm journey with us.  CLICK HERE FOR CSA SHARES.   

See you on the Farm. 

Posted 10/17/2016 11:09am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
Harvest Dinner @ B&B Farms CSA
As the sun sets on our CSA season, we hope you can join us for our End of Season Harvest Celebration. Experience creative farm food prepared with love, live music in the fields and farm friends all around the table!    
  • Sun, Oct 23rd; 4-7 pm.  
  • appetizer hour and buffet dinner/dessert by Hammerbacher; BYOB
  • Live Music: by Laney Jones
  • Tickets: $45/adult, kids (under 10) $20. 
  • RSVP by Wed, Oct 19th.  Seating is limited to CSA members and a guest.
CSA Shares on Sale, 2017 memberships
  • THE HARVESTER, $579 - Family sized; feeds 3-4 people, or a veggie loving couple.  Renewing members: if you were happy with the amount of food you received this season, this is for you.
  • THE BASIC, $480 - Individual sized; feeds 1-2 people. Renewing members: if you prefer less food, then go with The Basic.   
  • PICK-YOUR-OWN - INCLUDED IN THE COST OF A SHARE: peas, green beans, cherry tomatoes, flowers and herbs (when available).  Amounts you can pick will compliment the above mentioned share size and we offer extras for sale if you would like to pick more. 
Thank you for supporting our family Farm!