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Posted 6/14/2016 8:03pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

OPENING DAY! Pickup Wed 6/15, 1-6 pm; OR Sat 6/18, 9 am-1 pm.

ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: Spinach – gorgeous and lots of it! Kale (3 types to choose from: toscana, red russian, green curly), Arugula, Lettuce (reds and greens – from tender butter crunch to more crispy romaine types), Radish, AND no spring CSA share would be complete without the Kohlrabi and Garlic scapes!

IN THE PICK YOUR OWN FIELDS: Herbs (bring scissors) – we will decide tomorrow what will be open; not all will be open though as they need a bit more time so please check the signs.  Peas? Next week.  Blueberries?  Maybe Friday/Saturday – not quite ready for Wed – don’t worry, we will have plenty for all in the coming weeks.  NOTE: blueberries are an additional cost, not included in the CSA share.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Please bring your own bags/baskets.  Follow signs for parking in front of barn (additional parking available beyond blueberries, a little walk if you don’t mind).  Sign yourself in and say hi, and gather your share from around the display tables.  All crops will be labeled with what it is and how much you can take.  Pick your own fields will be too – friendly staff will be on hand to assist, just look for us in the Jersey Fresh. 

EXTRAS FOR SALE – Jersey Fresh from the following:

  • Fresh Baked Breads; also Scones, Cookies, and maybe a few surprises – I usually don’t know until our chef arrives at the farm, still warm and right out of the oven.  Featuring CSA veggies and herbs from Hammerbacher (our friends Paul and Lauren Erbacher), Egg Harbor City.
  • Chicken Sausage (frozen, uncooked) – feta/spinach; sundried tomato; white wine; broccoli raab – Griggstown Farm, Princeton.  Your greens never had it so good!  
  • Cheeses – fresh mozzarella, ricotta, cheddar and feta – Fulper Farms, Lambertville.
  • Eggs - Cycle Farms (farmer Melanie) – Galloway Twp.

See you on the Farm!  

Posted 6/9/2016 5:28pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA Opening Day – Wed June 15th 1-6 pm, OR Sat June 18th 9 am-2 pm.  Here we go, ready or not!  Opening week is our most hectic as we are catching up with returning members, AND welcoming the newbies, AND everything else that goes along with opening day!  Next week, and every week thereafter, keep a look out for our emails (posted no later than Wed mornings), AND posted to our website Blog.  I will give you a heads up on crops and a brief update from the fields.  Also, extras for purchase in our Farm Shop (i.e. fresh baked breads, cheeses and more). 

In the Fields with the Farmer:

As of now… due to a cold/wet spring, lack of sun, then more rain, above average 90 degree days, add strong winds battering our plants, and back to low temps – it has been challenging to say the least.  Crops have been slow to mature, and are stressed (not to mention the farmer!).  This means some stuff is small, or not available as scheduled.  Things are getting there though, and the diversity will fill the tables soon.  It is our priority to have a minimum of 7 crops to choose from each week, and we hold off opening day until we reach that point, hence the later date this spring.  A look ahead… Pick your own peas coming in nice – hope by Week 2.  Beets will be plenty and oh so good for you; carrots soon; broccoli seems happy; also radish and turnip (not the old fashioned waxed variety!); zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers to load up your neighbors back porches with and, lots of flowers and herbs coming in.  Yes, there is more, but I’ll stop there:)

CSA Week 1 – What To Expect? Lots of greens!  Lettuce, spinach, a few types of kale for you to try, arugula, swiss chard, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, radish and pick your own herbs (flowers not quite there though). I will be in touch again before opening day with more details.  Get your salad spinners and recipes ready!

Posted 5/13/2016 5:04pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

Greetings from the farm (or should I say the Pacific Northwest)!  Many of you have been asking about a start date; I love your enthusiasm, that’s great, but I say ask Mother Nature! Opening day – likely between June 11-18th.    

The weather and our crops – an unseasonable warmer March, and then snow/frost in April were not so good for the blueberries and fruit trees – the jury is still out on these crops for NJ growers, could be reduced yields.  Weeks of rain, lack of sun, cold days (and nights) have caused us to delay some plantings to avoid seeds/transplants from washing away, rotting or becoming more prone to diseases.  Our farming philosophy this spring is slow and steady wins the race!  We will get there. Regardless, we work with it – we do not want to risk losing crops though.  I would rather push back opening day a week or two.  Our greenhouses are lush and gorgeous, but plants are better off in there than in the fields right now.  We have our CSA members’ investment to protect!  Because we are challenged to get tractors in the fields, we are planting by hand where ever we can get in.  In comparison to previous years, we should have our tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, flowers, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers and melons transplanted.  I think next week we will be good to go.  Even if it is by hand, we will get them in.   

In the fields (and patiently waiting for it to grow) broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kohlrabi, beets, carrots, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, arugula, potatoes, onions, leeks and garlic.  Also, Pick Your Own peas AND herbs – rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender, tarragon, oregano, chives, parsley, basil, dill and cilantro.   

We are looking forward to sunny days to warm our soil (and our souls!) and dry things out – the staff needs it too!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@bbfarmscsa) for more updates.  Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts, and we will see you mid-June on the farm. 

Posted 11/25/2015 9:50am by Jennifer LaMonaca.

2016 Signup OPEN – Renewals AND New Memberships

Commit to small farms and local food!

Running the CSA in not an easy task; we have to compete with larger, seemingly savvier businesses who grab your attention at the grocery stores and a plethora of food distribution businesses (i.e. “buyers clubs”).  WHY BUY NOW? Upfront funds help us plan crops, order supplies and make payments on equipment (tractors, irrigation).  As a CSA farmer, we have a lot of tasks during the “off” season to keep the CSA running smoothly and our customers satisfied. Although not in the fields, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order to get crops in the ground. We are constantly working on how to improve our CSA and farm operations – like building a kitchen, hosting on-farm events (dinners, cooking demos), adding more pick your own crops (strawberries, raspberries) and opening a Farm Stand to the public. For a small farm like us though, these start up projects take time (and lots of paperwork!) and money, and we cannot do this without the support of our community.

With gratitude and best wishes, Happy Thanksgiving!



Posted 10/24/2015 7:25pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
SUNDAY 10/25, 4-7.

Please check in at the green tent - this event is SOLD OUT.  If you were not able to get in, we hope to see you at the next one!

PARKING: Please do your best to car pool as there will be quite a few cars on the farm for this event.  You can park as usual for Farm Shop out front of the barn.  Additionally, along side the barn in the back (look for orange cones in field), or past the blueberries and you can walk down to the barn. 

WHAT TO BRING?  BYOB.  FLASHLIGHT - it will be getting dark towards the end, you might want to light your way back to your vehicle.  WARM CLOTHES!  No heat in the barn, dress comfortably for the weather.  

MENU: by Paul and Lauren Erbacher; Jersey Fresh.

See you on the Farm!

Posted 10/13/2015 3:04pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

 CSA WEEK 19; PICKUP WED 10/14, 1-6 OR SAT 10/17, 9-2.

We have reached the end of another season – thank you to our CSA members for being a part of this community experience and supporting local farmers! We strive to bring awareness to our customers to the work we do as CSA farmers, and educate eaters on CSA’s and the importance of a CSA in the community. Joining a CSA is a commitment, and we applaud your efforts from the weekly pickups, to sweating it out in the pick your own fields to enhancing your culinary prowess! You accepted new produce and perhaps have new favorites that you may not have tried before in the grocery store.  You joined a growing trend and group of people who desire to be closer to their food. Your money you spend on this farm goes right into the food you eat and into sustaining this farm. Thank you, thank you!  





  • CHEESE – cheddar, fresh ricotta and mozzarella; Fulper Farms, Lambertville. 
  • CHICKEN SAUSAGES AND POTPIES; Griggstown, Princeton.
  • EGGS; Cycle Farms.
  • BREADS; Leatherhead, EHC – Wed folks, bread may be a bit late, but we do get it in.  Consider freezing some for a cozy winter’s meal!
  • APPLES; Nichols Orchard, Franklinville.
  • LOCAL HONEY; Bob’s Buzzy Bees.
  • PRODUCE – see Shop for details.  

RENEWALS AND NEW MEMBERSHIPS OPEN FOR 2016.  The end of season is a critical time for us in our budget – upfront payments now bring in much needed funds to help pay our loans and work through the winter. Your contribution means a great deal to us and keeps small farms like us in business, ensuring we will be around for another healthful season. Please consider purchasing a share today, and thank you for your support!  


FARM TO TABLE. Celebrating Community Supported Agriculture – we hope you can join us! 

TIME: 4-7 PM
COST: $35/PERSON ($17.50 KIDS UNDER 12) - seating is limited, this is a CSA member event.
To purchase a ticket - click here, or see us in Farm Shop. RSVP by Sat, Oct 17th.


Posted 10/12/2015 8:22am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
A CSA MEMBER EVENT! We have partnered with Leatherhead (the bread people) to bring the fall harvest to the table. It will be great - our first dinner on the farm! We are pairing our produce (and other local Jersey Fresh provisions), with chef Paul Erbacher's talent for an end of season celebration. BYOB.
TIME: 4-7 PM
COST: $35/PERSON ($17.50 KIDS UNDER 12) - seating is limited, this is a CSA member event.
To purchase a ticket - click here, or see us in Farm Shop. RSVP by Sat, Oct 17th.
RENEWAL AND NEW MEMBERSHIPS - 2016 SIGN UP OPEN! COST $540; Early Bird discount for Payment In Full ($513), OR 3 payment installments of $180.
Posted 10/12/2015 6:59am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
Posted 10/7/2015 6:34am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 18: PICKUP WED 10/7, 1-6 OR SAT 10/10 9-2
RENEWALS. We are a Community Supported Agriculture program – we do not exist without your support!  Become a member today for 2016 - secure your slot for next season and help “your” farm grow the local agricultural landscape.  Accepting renewals AND new members.  Thank you for your support! 
  • COST $540: PAY IN FULL (EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $513); OR 3 INSTALLMENTS OF $180: 1ST due at signup, 2ND due Feb 1, 3RD due May 1. 
  • HOW DO I SIGN UP? In Farm Shop; On the website - I will have the payment link set up later this week; Or by mail. We accept credit/debit, check or cash. 
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: NEW CROPS! SPINACH! Other greens - SWISS CHARD, KALE, LETTUCE AND BOK CHOY - Mix and Match options. CAULIFLOWER - gorgeous heads! CARROTS (a bit small due to wash out's early on, but still carrots - more in our end of season newsletter). CABBAGE (red and green), SWEET POTATOES, WINTER SQUASH, GARLIC. Mix and Match - TURNIPS, POTATOES, PEPPERS. 
IN THE PICK YOUR OWN FIELDS: HERBS - good stuff remains in the fields - rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley, chives - do you have any in the freezer? Herbs make nice bouquets too - fresh or dried. FLOWERS - some, but the rain and cooler weather are finishing them off for the season. BEANS? Maybe next week, although the rain last week might have been too much for this crop.
  • PICKLES - Jersey Gina's Gems. Fresh packed garlic dills, bread and butter's (sweet and spicy), AND pickle dip (my new favorite!). Check them out in the fridge.
  • APPLES - Nichols Orchard. NEW VARIETIES! 
  • BREADS - Leatherheads.
  • CHICKEN SAUSAGES, POT PIES - Griggstown Farms. Freezer is full - stock up for the winter! 
  • LOCAL HONEY - makes a great gift! I use in place of sugar in my coffee and tea.  
  • Cheese - not much left in the fridge, a few mozzarella. We may have some for our last week, next week. To be determined. 
  • EXTRA PRODUCE - see Farm Shop for details. 

FARM TO TABLE. SAVE THE DATE - SUN, OCT 25. Details to follow later this week. 


Posted 9/30/2015 6:12am by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA WEEK 17; PICKUP WED 9/30, 1-6 OR SAT OCT 3, 9-2

On the Table in Farm Shop – NEW CROPS! BUTTERNUT SQUASH – the puree has so many uses! Yes, soup; also use in pasta dishes or a dessert. SWEET POTATOES! Side dish or main dish – try sweet potatoes tacos – they make a hearty meal.  Greens of the Week – new, BOK CHOY – pairs nicely with a peanut sauce; also KALE, LETTUCE MIX.  More food for you – CABBAGE (red/green), BEETS (red and gold mix), BROCCOLI, TURNIPS (sweet, Hakurei), GARLIC, POTATOES, EGGPLANT, PEPPERS AND LEEKS.  Mix and Match options for you this week.

What else you ask? Coming up as we near the end of our season (last CSA pickup Oct 17th)

Next week should be loaded with spinach; we will begin cutting cauliflower, and carrots will be back on the table. More butternut, sweet potatoes and greens, along with others.  We are in the home stretch now! Hope you have a few things in the freezer – if not, there is still time to put um up (peppers, eggplant, herbs)! Others like winter squash, cabbage, root veggies, and garlic will hold well for weeks after the CSA season.

In the Pick-Your-Own Fields – well, rain is a factor this week – yes, we desperately need it, but seems it has been feast or famine this season.  We just don’t get rain, we get inches of rain!  FLOWERS AND HERBS available if you can get out there.  New Green Beans open next week (I hope); they really need the rain, not all of this though.  It is what it is.

Extra Jersey Fresh for Sale: Breads (sorry Wed folks for the late deliveries; Leatherheads does their very best to get to us on time); Cheese (mozzarella), until sold out – we will likely not do another cheese run; Chicken Sausages and Pot Pies – we will be restocking the freezers this week!  Eggs (and a few chickens in the freezer); APPLES – AND more varieties coming soon as they are harvested. Local Honey – use now or the smaller jars make a nice gift for later.

SAVE THE DATE! Farm to Table Dinner, Sun Oct 25th.  Details to follow next week.

RENEWALS AND NEW MEMBERSHIPS – signups opening next week, more on that soon.

See you on the Farm.