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Posted 9/23/2015 6:11am by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA WEEK 16: PICKUP WED 9/23, 1-6 AND SAT 9/26, 9-2

ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: NEW CROPS! Greens of the Week – LETTUCE – back for Fall, and it is a gorgeous mix! ARUGULA (loving the cooler weather, at its best), and KALE; all pair nicely with BEETS! Sweet, earthy beets – boil 40 min or until fork tender, run under cool water, peel, and slice. Store in the fridge for later use and add to your salads.  CABBAGE (red and green – your choice). WINTER SQUASH – NEW, BUTTERCUP; SPAGHETTI and CARNIVAL (also known as sweet dumpling) – your choice.  TURNIPS (sweet, white Hakurei type), and RADISH – both great raw, or experiment with a new recipe.  BROCOLLI – wash well before use, insect pressure in the fields (cabbage worm). GARLIC and LEEKS (maybe on the leeks, will check this am) – both versatile, many uses throughout the week. POTATOES, EGGPLANT AND PEPPERS – Mix and Match. 

WINTER SQUASH TIPS: Be careful when cutting in half! Scoop out seeds.  Carnival (or buttercup) - drizzle with olive oil or melted butter, salt/pepper to taste, and brown sugar (or honey/maple syrup).  Buttercup makes a great pie or muffin/quick bread filling! Follow any pumpkin recipe – you will be so pleased with the substitution.  Storing: keep on the counter, nice Fall decoration until ready to cook.


  • FLOWERS AND HERBS. Nice sunnys and zinna, others too.  For Herbs - try your hand at a kitchen bouquet - bunch rosemary, thyme and sage, add a few sprigs of lavender and keep on the kitchen counter for the week.
  • Surprisingly sungold tomatoes are trying to make a comeback – feel free to walk through and grab a few.
  • Beans – some purple/crème from the old patch.  A new green bean patch is 2 weeks out, so more to come.  


  • APPLES! Nichols Orchard, Franklinville – we have a nice assortment of varieties – Honey Crisp, Golden and Red Delicious, Rome, Macintosh and Cortland. Fresh picked, local, Jersey Fresh!
  • FRESH BAKED BREADS – Leatherheads, EHC.
  • LOCAL HONEY – Bobs Buzzy Bees.
  • CHEESE – Fresh Mozzarella – Fulper Farms.
  • EGGS AND CHICKENS! Cycle Farms, Galloway Twp.  Farmer Melanie has brought over a few birds (frozen) from her harvest a few weeks back.  They range from $17-22/ bird, about 4-6 lbs each.  This is not your grocery store chicken – it is a homegrown, highest quality product.  Will make an amazing stock too. 

See you on the Farm.

Posted 9/16/2015 6:14am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 15; PICKUP 9/16, 1-6 OR SAT 9/19, 9-2
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: NEW CROPS! CABBAGE (big fall green cabbage, the kinda stuff you make sauerkraut with - my favorite!), RADISHES - not just for salads; lots of interesting (and healthy!) slaw recipes out there using radishes. WINTER SQUASH - choose Spaghetti or another this week (likely buttercup or carnival). More BROCCOLI - let me know how it is holding up for you; we are starting to see some damage in the field from the heat and humidity. LEEKS - back on the table.  More POTATOES following us into the Fall.  Summer has bid farewell on the farm (almost) - no tomatoes, no cucumbers, BUT we have some really nice EGGPLANT coming in.  PEPPERS are strong - the long red Italians are amazing!  GREENS - KALE (new green curly - very nice!), ARUGULA, SWISS CHARD. And last but not least - GARLIC.  MIX AND MATCH options for you this week.
IN THE PICK YOUR OWN FIELDS - we have been cleaning things up - the weeds were getting unruly but we tamed it a bit. HERBS, FLOWERS AND BEANS out there.  Tomatoes?  As per customer request, we will keep the cherries open for another week; not much out there though.
EXTRA JERSEY FRESH FOR SALE - Fresh Baked Breads (only the best from Leatherheads!); cheeses (Fulper Farms); Eggs (Cycle Farms); Pot pies and Chicken Sausages (Griggstown Farms) and Local Honey. Our produce too - see Shop for details. 
BIRTHDAYS ON THE FARM THIS WEEK... Farmer Ryan and crew member Alex both celebrating birthday's this week - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Thanks for all you do on the Farm!
See you on the Farm.
Posted 9/8/2015 1:27pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 14: PICKUP WED 9/9, 1-6 AND SAT 9/12, 9-2
Fall is coming soon (never mind that heat wave!) - families are back to school, getting busy with activities and changing schedules. On the Farm, the newness of the summer produce has worn off; we are harvesting Fall crops and planning for next season. Each week we aim to keep excitement high and offer new items. Keep it fresh - Jersey Fresh! The CSA runs through October - lots of good stuff on the tables (and in the fields) - winter squashes, roots, greens and more.  Renewals for next season will be open in Oct; details by end of this month. See you on the Farm!  
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: NEW CROPS! WINTER SQUASH (SPAGHETTI) - the first of many varieties that we will offer throughout the Fall. Greens of the Week - SWISS CHARD AND KALE.  Beautiful BROCCOLI - still growing in this heat, but you may notice some browning; eat sooner than later. PEPPERS - colorful bells, sweet red Italians and orange "snack sized"; hots too if you like them. GARLIC.  Farewell to summer - last week for CUCUMBERS AND maybe TOMATOES (might get 1 more week on tomatoes).  EGGPLANT, ONIONS, POTATOES.  
 It is a hot one out there; more of the same for Wed Farm Shop. Consider pick-your-own for another day if it is convenient for you. Fields are open to CSA members Mon-Fri 8-4 (Wed 8-6), Sat 9-2, Sunday closed. Drink plenty of fluids and take breaks.
  • BEANS - green and "dragons tongue". Some damage caused by insects and heat.  Lots to pick though. The purple/creme type is a flat pod, sweet.  I think, best eaten raw; it will loose its color when cooked.
  • TOMATOES - no limit - might be last week.
  • FRESH BAKED BREADS - nobody does it better than Leatherheads! Check out their recent Facebook post about COMMUNITY. You guys are awesome! 
  • HOMEMADE PIES - (WED ONLY) Stir It Up Catering. Indulge in something sweet this week! As per customer request, they plan to offer healthier, less guilty pleasures too.
  • POT PIES - Griggstown Farm - along with the chicken sausages, their pot pies have a cult following! Available Sat and for the remainder of the season (or until we sell out).
  • CHEESES - fresh mozzarella, ricotta and cheddar - Fulper Farms.
  • LOCAL HONEY - new inventory; available Sat and for the remainder of the season (or until we sell out).


  • FARMERS AGAINST HUNGERFor the last several years, the CSA has partnered with FARMERS AGAINST HUNGER and have been donating extra produce on a weekly basis throughout the season. Want to contribute? If you feel you are not able to keep up with your share from time to time and you do not want something to go to waste in your fridge, consider donating it!  Look for the donate box in Shop. Thanks! 


Posted 9/1/2015 5:45pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.

CSA WEEK 13;PICKUP WED 9/2, 1-6, AND SAT 9/5, 9-2.


NEW CROPS - BROCCOLI!  This stuff is huge!  The heat is really pushing it and we have to keep it irrigated daily so we don't loose it.  I did not plan to cut it so early, but Mother Nature says it is really ready now! ONIONS - back on the table courtesy of our friends at Fernbrook Farms - thanks for helping out!  Still bringing in the TOMATOES. We got GARLIC and POTATOES. GREENS MIX AND MATCH - ARUGULA/ KALE. More MIX AND MATCH - PEPPERS (gorgeous bells and sweet specialty varieties). Roasting these babies is heavenly! More CUCUMBERS, CARROTS, EGGPLANT. 


  • BEANS!  1 row Green and 1 row Purple/Creme (aka Dragon's tongue). Some insect damage on the leaves, but plants are loaded with beans. Enjoy.
  • FLOWERS AND HERBS -  lots of sunflowers open, a mix of varieties!  New Zinnias filling in nicely too.  Mix up your bouquets, or go for all sunnys. Grab a handful of herbs for the week for use in dishes, or just to have on the counter for therapy!
  • TOMATOES - no limit on the cherry/grapes.  Some plums out there if you can find them.  


  • FRESH BAKED PIES!  We welcome Amy from Stir It UP Catering to the CSA!  She will be selling her Jersey Fresh pies this Saturday, and then again the following Wed - We will have a limited number that we are trialing - let us know what you think.
  • BREADS - no body does it better than Leatherheads! They make a good granola too.
  • PEACHES AND CORN, Pastore Orchards - end of summer!
  • SAY CHEESE!  Fridge is stocked with fresh mozzarella, ricotta and cheddar from Fulper Farms. 
  • CHICKEN SAUSAGES, Griggstown Farms. 
  • SEA SALT; a gourmet finishing salt. Pine Barron, EHC.  Locally harvested from Brigantine. For a kick, try the wasabi, ghost pepper or the salt/pepper varieties.  For added flavor without the heat, try the tomato/basil.
FRESH CHICKENS - Cycle Farms, Galloway:
Cycle Farms will be butchering chickens soon, and we have some available for purchase ($4.50/lb; 4-6lb birds).  Chickens can be picked up at our farm on Monday, August 31 between 5pm and 8pm, or Sunday, August 6 (of Labor Day weekend) between 12pm and 3pm.  If you are interested, you may email to reserve chickens for processing/pickup on one of these dates.
See you on the Farm.
Posted 8/25/2015 1:07pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 12; PICKUP WED 8/26, 1-6 OR SAT 8/29, 9-2
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: NEW CROPS! Arugula - gorgeous bunches with a kick!  Drizzle with a sweet dressing, add goat cheese and fresh fruit to mellow the spiciness.  KALE - tender stage, good for eating raw/in salads or sauteed.  POTATOES - "baby" - perfect for roasting/grilling whole, or in soup/stews. PEPPERS - sweet colorful bells really showing off this week (greens too), along with specialty types - Italian reds and "snack sized" oranges.  LEEKS AND CARROTS - chop and saute together in place of onion.  TOMATOES - red slicers definitely and a few heirlooms maybe. GARLIC (please note, we are cutting amount of garlic to 1 head this week).  ZUCCHINI - not a heavy harvest, but we will distribute until the field quits. MIX AND MATCH - CUCUMBERS and EGGPLANT.
  • RECIPE: for the red Italians and oranges - slice open and place face up in a baking dish. Top with a stuffing of your choice (veggie/meat/rice/bread) and bake.  I don't really "stuff" them individually, rather I lay the mix on top, drizzle with olive oil, maybe top with cheese and enjoy.  
  • FREEZING: extend the harvest! Slice/chop; place in freezer bag for later use - that is it!  


  • FLOWERS - new crop opening (zinnia and sunflowers); others good for mix bouquets - see our display for ideas.
  • HERBS - lots out there for freeing, drying and fresh use.  
  • TOMATOES - we are winding down closer to September now.  We say 1/4-1/2 bag full - take what you like - sungolds, red grapes and plums. If you have bags/containers, please bring in for reuse, thanks. 
  • BEAN UPDATE - likely next week.  They are slow to mature, but looking real good for next week.


  • EXTRA PRODUCE - See Shop for details.
  • Sorry, no peaches again - our farm friends at Pastore Orchards do not have extras for sale.  We will try again next week.  On a high note, apples are not too far off...
FRESH CHICKENS - Coming Soon!  From our friends at Cycle Farms in Galloway:
Cycle Farms will be butchering chickens soon, and we have some available for purchase ($4.50/lb; 4-6lb birds).  Chickens can be picked up at our farm on Monday, August 31 between 5pm and 8pm, or Sunday, August 6 (of Labor Day weekend) between 12pm and 3pm.  If you are interested, you may email to reserve chickens for processing/pickup on one of these dates.
Great week on the Farm.  Cooler temps and lower humidity make for happy farmers (and Fall crops!).  Maybe broccoli next week!  Winter squash still maturing in the field, so we will wait another 2 weeks likely for harvesting.  First on the table will be spaghetti squash, followed by other favorites. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and as always, thanks for supporting our Farm!
Posted 8/19/2015 6:27am by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 11; PICKUP WED 8/19, 1-6, OR SAT 8/22, 9-2
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: TOMATOES! More big, red slicers AND delicate, flavorful heirlooms. Plenty in the pick-your-own fields too (see below). GARLIC!  PEPPERS - colorful, sweet red, yellow and orange coming in heavier, we will up the numbers this week (green bells too). LEEKS - I sliced open and grilled them with mixed veggies, try it - so fragrant!  ONIONS (last week for onions until we are able to harvest from our other source). ZUCCHINI (yellow and green) - this field is winding down and will soon say goodbye to summer.  Savor the moment!  MIX AND MATCH - you choose: CUCUMBERS - they are still going out there! PEPPERS (green bells) and EGGPLANT (Italian types and small white).  MIX AND MATCH - you choose: POTATOES (red, white, golds) AND CARROTS.    
YELLOW WATERMELON - let us know what you think. NOTE, we have lost our red watermelon earlier due to weather and field conditions beyond our control. They never did size up.  Not a great year for any melons (cantaloupe was OK, but not really sweet - too much rain at the wrong time). 
  • TOMATOES - PLUMS AND CHERRIES - you choose. EXTRAS FOR SALE.  If you have containers or plastic bags, please bring them in for reuse.  Thanks.  NOTE - it is a messy field, I would not wear good shoes!
  • FLOWERS - SUNNYS!  The heat is taking to them, pick a mixed bouquet or all sunnys.
  • HERBS - lots out there.  Go for the new basil, it is much better.  The older patch will get mowed this week.
EXTRA JERSEY FRESH FOR SALE (and not for sale): 
  • OUR PRODUCE and Mother Nature - lots of you are asking for extra tomatoes (red slicers). We are harvesting a good amount now; we will sell extras, but might have to put a cap on the limit.  Potatoes - we are usually very heavy with this crop through the end of the season.  But this year, flooded fields did reduce our yield significantly, therefore we are holding back on selling extras to ensure potatoes on the table for the remainder of the season. Thanks for your understanding. Other crops for sale - see Shop for details.

See you on the Farm.  As always - THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Posted 8/11/2015 6:57pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 10; PICKUP WED 8/12, 1-6, OR SAT 8/15, 9-2
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: New Crops! WATERMELON! (yellow and seedless).  CANTALOUPE still around; choose watermelon or cantaloupe or purchase extra.  Another new crop: LEEKS - use in place of onion, or pair with potatoes - so many options.  We continue to harvest PEPPERS (ripening from green to sweet reds and oranges), EGGPLANTS, CUCUMBERS (have you made any pickles?!) AND ZUCCHINI (more yellow than green). GARLIC is amazing this season!  We will have plenty; not just an ingredient in some dish - try roasting for an experience of its own.  Our staple crops - ONIONS (red and yellow), CARROTS, POTATOES (red, yellow, white).  HOT PEPPERS - jalapenos and long hots - take them or leave them.  TOMATOES!  Lots of tomatoes - HEIRLOOMS coming in heavier now (impress loved ones with beautiful heirlooms, fresh mozzarella and herbs from "your farm"); SLICERS and Pick-Your-Own (PLUMS, SUNGOLDS AND RED GRAPES). 
  • TOMATOES - plums open - sungolds and red grapes too.  FARM NOTE: getting messy out there, might want to wear sneakers.  In a wet year like this, a tomato field tends to get squishy, and there will be some rot.   
  • FLOWERS - SUNFLOWERS! New bed open.  Although half of the field did get washed out from earlier rains; more beds opens in a few weeks.  Zinnias OK, but on the way out - we will have a new field open in a few weeks.  Other varieties still out there for a nice mixed bouquet.  
  • OTHER FARM NOTES - Beans were scheduled for this week but earlier rains were too much for this crop.  We have been fertilizing and weeding but it just did not take off.   A later bean planting is looking very good though - perhaps 2 weeks.
  • HERBS - lots of good stuff out there - take what you need/like for the week. New Basil open, and older will be around for as long as it wants to.  Seeding more cilantro, dill and parsley for later harvest - these herbs like cooler weather. 
  • PEACHES (and maybe Corn) - from our farm friends at Pastore Orchards.  
  • MOZZARELLA AND CHICKEN SAUSAGE - new inventory!  Stock up!
  • BREADS, fresh baked - our bakers are doing their very best to be on time to our Farm Shop.  This is a new item for us, and we are still working out the kinks.  Thanks for your understanding and support.  We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Leatherheads and help them grow their business. Thanks Paul and Lauren!
  • EGGS - another growing endeavor, Cycle Farms.  Thanks to Melanie for all of her hard work.  She is a small grower and is working on increasing her supply for the demand. Thanks for your efforts! 

See you on the Farm!


Posted 8/4/2015 6:40pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 9; PICKUP WED 8/5, 1-6 OR SAT 8/8, 9-2
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP - NEW CROP - ONIONS (red and yellow)! TOMATOES - red slicers - heirlooms just coming in too - still plenty of pick-your-own sungolds and red grapes.  GARLIC! Lots of EGGPLANT (round, classic and white), CUCUMBERS, ZUCCHINI (green, yellow and heirloom), POTATOES (red, white, gold), CARROTS - Mix and Match options!  CANTALOUPES - don't forget to grab one on your way out!
  • BLACKBERRIES! LOCAL, ORGANIC - Beachview Farms, Mannahawkin. Fresh picked by our crew - look for them in the fridge.  
  • PEACHES! LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE - Pastore Orchards, Hammonton.  These are the BIG ones!
  • BREAD! LOCAL, FRESH BAKED - Leatherheads, Egg Harbor.  Paul and Lauren baking up some new ones - looking forward to it!
  • CHEESES - mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta - Fulper Family Farms, Lambertville, NJ
  • CHICKEN SAUSAGES - Griggstown Farms, Princeton, NJ
  • OUR PRODUCE - see Shop for details.


  • TOMATOES - sungolds and red grapes - extras for sale.
  • FLOWERS AND HERBS - take what you need/like for the week.  Grab some extra herbs for drying/freezing.
  • Update: Beans and more flowers seeded for later harvest, beginning in about 2 weeks.


  • Onions - we did have a total crop loss this season, a first for me, BUT we have secured 2 sources, and they are organic.  I am grateful to farmers Cat at J&T Farms, and Jeff at Fernbrook Farms for their friendship and onions!  Thanks guys!
  • Melons - we will begin harvesting our yellow watermelon babies next week, followed by more cantaloupe and then red watermelons.  


Posted 7/28/2015 5:02pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 8; PICKUP WED 7/29, 1-6 OR SAT 8/1, 9-2
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: NEW CROPS! CANTALOUPES - see my water ice recipe below - easy and yes, awesome in this heat!  GARLIC!  Dress up those tomatoes, or roast and enjoy the whole garlic.  TOMATOES - the red slicers are coming in nicely, we will load you up this week (and lots of pick your own cherries/grapes still out there).  MIX AND MATCH - all the summer favorites - CUCUMBERS, ZUCCHINI (yellow, green, striped), EGGPLANT (Italian and Asian types), PEPPERS (green bells and sweet reds/oranges), CARROTS, POTATOES (gold, red, white), CABBAGE and FENNEL.  Crop update: onions will be in Shop soon, leeks too. Try fennel as a substitute - saute/caramelize as you would an onion.
CANTALOUPE WATER ICE RECIPE - 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water, 1 cantaloupe.  1) Make a simple syrup: combine sugar/water in small sauce pan, bring to boil and stir to dissolve sugar. Cool completely. 2) Prepare fruit: cut away rind, remove seeds, cut into chunks.  Puree in food processor/blender until smooth (I like mine a little chunky, not pulverized!). 3) In a shallow baking dish, combine syrup and puree. Freeze and stir with a fork every 2-3 hours (or when you can) to create slushy texture.  To serve, sit at room temperature 10-15 minutes and stir with a fork again.
HOT WEEK - TAKE IT EASY OUT THERE! If you want to do your pick your own crops on another day, please come back when it is convenient/more comfortable for you.  Weekdays 8-4, Sat 9-2, Sun Closed.
  • TOMATOES - plenty of sungolds and red grapes out there.  If you have quart containers, kindly bring them back in for reuse, thanks!  EXTRAS FOR SALE.
  • FLOWERS - lots out there, and the sunflowers are hanging in there.  I did mow some things that were past prime picking.  More seeded for later harvest though.
  • HERBS - take what you need/like for the week.  Plenty for drying and freezing.  


NOTE - no bread on Wed, sorry for the inconvenience.  Our bakers are out of town.  However they have made us some tasty granola, see below.  

  • CORN! From our farm friends at Pastore Orchards, Hammonton. 
  • GRANOLA - from our Leatherhead/bread making friends - oats, honey, local maple syrup, cherry, raisin, apricot, cranberry, pecan, walnut, sesame, sunflower, cinnamon, nutmeg, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil.
  • SEA SALT - a new friend of the farm and local business, Salt Barren Sea Salt - offering a premium finishing flake sea salt.  It is crawled entirely by hand in small batches from seawater from the Brigantine coast.  All steps from the ocean to tin are done in Galloway. An entirely natural process.  
  • Sausages, Honey, Cheeses.
  • Our Produce - see Shop for details. 

See you on the Farm.

Posted 7/21/2015 6:13pm by Jennifer LaMonaca.
CSA WEEK 7; PICKUP WED 7/22 1-6, OR SAT 7/25 9-2
ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP: NEW CROP! POTATOES (mix reds, golds and whites - no comparison to fresh dug spuds!); TOMATOES (slicers and plums - just coming in); PEPPERS (gorgeous green bells, and a few orange/red specialties), EGGPLANT (Italian types and white specialty); ZUCCHINI (green and yellow, and might have an Italian heirloom), CUCUMBERS, FENNEL, CABBAGE, CARROTS, HOT PEPPERS (jalapenos, maybe a few long hots too - both great for stuffing). We harvest daily and we make decisions as we see them in the field - it is that Fresh!
Please watch your step (and parents keep an eye on the kids), for newly planted/seeded crops; they are among the pick your own fields.  Thanks!  Also, lots of good picking closer to driveway and middle of fields. 
  • TOMATOES ARE PRIME FOR PICKING! 2 rows of Sungolds (closest to Farm Shop), and 1 row of Grapes.  1 Quart container per share (the green ones in Shop) - this is the larger size, used for measuring carrots and potatoes recently.  NOTE: if you have a few around the house - bring them in for reuse, thanks!  EXTRA TOMATOES FOR SALE - splitting a a share with someone?  I wouldn't want to share mine!
  • FLOWERS AND HERBS: ALL FLOWERS AND HERBS OPENnice full bunches, enjoy!  We have seeded more sunflowers and others for later harvest. BASIL UPDATE - good stuff growing back (closer to driveway); yes, we do have the basil downy mildew, but it is doing better than expected.  As a back up, we have planted another row for a continuous harvest. 
  • BLUEBERRY UPDATE - seems to be the end, not much out there.  Hope you got some in the freezer! Thanks for supporting B&B Farms.
  • BEANS - we will take off for about 2 weeks - new crops coming in soon - green and purple.
CROP UPDATES:  CANTALOUPES - on the table next week likely, some big ones out there! We are trialing a new variety this season, one that has a thicker rind which should hold better for you.  In the past, we selected ones that had a thinner rind, and they were very perishable.  Let us know what you think.  CORN - we will buy in next week from our friends at Pastore's Orchards in Hammonton - they will be harvesting a new field next week.  PEACHES TOO!  We love their peaches!
  • WHERE: Sea Salt CSA @ B&B Farms.  
  • WHEN: pick-up Saturday, July 25 (preferred), although you have the option of holding it until the following Wednesday, July 29.

    For questions about pork and other products at Cycle Farms, please contact Melanie at   

EXTRA JERSEY FRESH FOR SALE: TOMATOES (PICK YOUR OWN), BREADS (fresh baked from Leatherheads, Egg Harbor City), Chicken Sausages (Griggstown Farms), Eggs (Cycle Farms), Cheeses (Fulper Farms) and Honey.  

NOTE: PRICE INCREASE ON THE MOZZARELLA - Our supplier has increased the size of the product (from 3/4 lb to 1 lb) - you may have noticed the size upgrade already. Fulper Farms has recently reevaluated their prices to reflect this.  Therefore our price will go from $7-$8.  We still feel this is a good value for a high quality product.  Our fridges are stocked! Thanks for your support.

See you on the Farm.