CSA Signup


New for 2018... we are offering customized Farm Shares – more choices! We are using software called Harvie to better serve the needs of our customers, reduce food waste, increase your satisfaction, and help you find ways to prepare the vegetables we grow for you.  


FARM SHARE PLANS. Early Bird Discount runs until Dec 1st.        

  • Mini $285 – personal size - splitting a share now? consider your own mini; contains about 4-5 items, and PYO when available.
  • Medium/the Basic $480 – for a veggie loving couple/small family; contains about 8 items, and PYO when available.
  • Large/the Harvester $580 – family size; contains about 10 items, and PYO when available.
  • Summer $325 – love the farm but have difficulty picking up/using your share with back to school activities? The Summer share is for u – end of June through Labor day.  Medium size for a veggie loving couple/small family; contains about 8 items, and PYO when available.


ALL plans include Pick-Your-Own, (PYO) from our fields - cherry tomatoes, green beans, flowers, herbs, etc - AND we offer extras for sale in Farm Shop if you want more.
Payment Plans. Early Bird Discount runs until Dec 1st.
  • Payment in full. Always amazing, and we are extremely grateful for it if you can manage it.
  • Payment plan. With Harvie's payment plan, you pay 25% of your share price at signup, 25% at your first pickup, and the remaining 50% will be split up and charged at the time of each pickup.

How Does It Work?  

  • Choose a Farm Share. Select your size and make a payment to secure your place in our CSA.
  • Set Your Preferences. Choose from a list of crops we grow and select your preferences (by rating each crop 1-5); they can be edited if your preferences change.
  • Adjust Your Farm Share. During the season, 24-48 hours before each week’s pickup, the farm will provide an estimate of what’s coming out of the field that week. Based on your crop preferences, Harvie will send you an email telling you what will be in your Farm share, AND provide custom recipes for the week. At this point, you can make adjustments to your farm share before you pick up.
  • Pickup. Bring your bag and your pick up list (print out OR on your phone); fill up from around the tables in Shop – you tell us what is in your share. Extras for sale too – produce, eggs, bread, and so on. 
  • Rate Your Share.  Give us a rating weekly so we can get your feedback quickly to improve quality.


How Do We Invest Your CSA Share?  CSA signups are critical this time of year; your upfront investment helps now with loan payments on tractors, insurance, repairs/improvements, and many other farm operating expenses.  In the New Year we have income for purchasing seeds, fueling the greenhouses, hiring staff, and so on.  Your CSA Share investment is much appreciated and we thank you for your continued support.