Meet the Farmers

Art and Carolyn Brown - B&B Farms owners/operators. Art Brown, retired NJ Secretary of Agriculture (from nearly 20 years of service in 2001) is an active farmer and member of the agricultural community (don’t let the retired part fool you!).  Serving under four governors, Art's many contributions include establishment of "Jersey Fresh" which has become a model for other agricultural programs throughout the country; funding for both farmland and open space preservation and served in numerous leadership positions for state and national agricultural organizations.  Art's life's work is farming. Prior to his state post in 1982, his experiences in production, sales and marketing include work as an agricultural agent for Atlantic County in the 1970's, and for Seabrook Farms, one of the largest facilities for freezing vegetables in the 1950-60's. Raised on a dairy farm in Blackstone, MA, he received a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts, and a Masters in Horticulture from Rutgers University. Along with his wife Carolyn (LaMonaca, Hammonton NJ), they raised 6 children and have many grandchildren and great grand children. 


Jennifer LaMonaca - CSA owner/operator; B&B Farms CSA (formerly Sea Salt CSA).  Prior to farming, I had a career in marine science (Stockton College, BS 2000). I was fortunate to have been a part of research groups and worked on blue crabs for the Smithsonian on the Chesapeake Bay in MD; evaluated several aspects of use patterns of juvenile and adult fishes for Rutgers University throughout NJ; monitored coastal bird populations, including endangered species for the Forsythe Refuge in south Jersey, and assisted other environmental agencies (NJDEP). Whether in the fields, lab, or crunching numbers - it was meaningful and remains a part of who I am.  I contemplated going back to school for a graduate degree, but decided it was not the right path. Seeking more personal freedom and new adventures, I redirected my goals from sea to land, and worked as an apprentice on a CSA farm (Fernbrook Farm CSA). Based on my experiences, I wanted my own operation - this is how I wanted to live my life.  In 2010, I joined B&B Farms (a farm in my husbands family) and started my business, Sea Salt CSA. The owners, Art and Carolyn Brown, offer assistance on many levels which includes mentoring, affordable land, equipment sharing, irrigation, buildings and greenhouse. I am grateful for the support of the Brown's and my husband Ryan.  Although Ryan is not on the farm daily as he owns and operates his own small business, Creative Solutions Graphics, a design company, he finds time in his schedule to assist the farm any way he can.  At B&B Farms we are family and I am proud to continue this tradition. Ryan and I reside in Smithville, along with our 2 dogs, Luna and Kaia - we hope to live and work on a farm one day!